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money saving tips a growing listI have been an at home mom since month 9 of my marriage (yep honeymoon baby). From the day those two lines appeared on that pregnancy test I knew I wanted to stay home with my children until they left the nest. I have always brought in a bit of cash by selling things we no longer needed or doing some other side business but the number one way I have added to our family financially so that I could stay home was stretching every penny of my husband’s nursing wage to the maximum. Every Friday I share my now 18+ years of thrifty person wisdom with my readers. Here are the links to those posts below.

A resource page full of ways to save money on groceriesfull of great tips, apps, and coupon sources (med)Grocery Shopping Tips

Everything you need to know to lower your grocery bill in one place. My grocery shopping resource page is cram packed with tips, coupon sources, coupon apps and more. Links to all the articles on how to save money at the grocery store can be found there.

A resource page filled with ways to save money on clothing for the entire family (med)Saving Money On Clothing Tips

All the links to all my articles on saving money can be found in my Saving Money On Clothing Resource Page.

Ways to save money on craft supplies as well as craft lessons (med)Ways To Save Money On Craft Supplies & Lessons

Doing crafts is a creative outlet for me that I enjoy. I have discovered lots of ways to make doing crafts more affordable and you can find links to all those articles over at my Saving Money On Craft Supplies Resource Page.

Couponing Tips Where to find coupons, how to organize coupons, how to use coupons (med)Couponing Tips

Links to sites offering printable coupons. Ideas of how to organize coupons. Places to find coupons that you might not think of and more are all found on my Coupons Tips Page.

Thrifty Christmas Tips (med)Thrifty Christmas Tips

Christmas can get out of control financially, but it doesn’t have to when you are armed with tips on how to celebrate Christmas for less. Find 1oo’s of such tips over at my Thrifty Christmas Tips page.

Entertaining On A Budget

10 Ways Thrifty Families Cut The Cost Of Summer Fun

All You Need To Plan A Summer Full Of Family Fun On A Tight Budget

15 Wintertime Family Fun Activities That Cost Zero

10 Money Saving Swap Parties Thrifty People Throw

10 Ways Thrifty Families Eat Out For Less

10 Ways A Thrifty Gal Hangs Out With Her Friends For Little Cash

10 Thrifty Christmas Gatherings: Entertaining on A Budget

Simple & Thrifty Table Centerpieces

10 Thrifty Summertime Friendship Gatherings

How to Save Money On Birthday Parties For Kids

 Thrifty Apps

How To Earn Gift Cards With Fetch Rewards

6 Apps That Will Save You Money At The Grocery Store

Receipt Hog: A Simple App For Earning Gift Cards

10 Apps Thrifty People Use To Save & Earn Money

How To Use Checkout 51: A Simple Way To Save Money On Groceries

Step by Step Guide To ibotta

Step by Step Guide To Shopkick


How To Use It All Up To The Last Drop

One way to use a butter wrapper before you toss it

10 Ways Thrifty People Use Things To The Last Drop

How Having A Good Enough Attitude Saves You Money

Save Money With Replacement Parts Found On Amazon

How To Use Up Every Ounce Of Coconut Oil

How To Use Up The Last Drop Of Natural Peanut Butter

How To Reduce Food Waste

How To Use Up The Last Drop Of Squeeze Lotion Bottles

Thrifty Dating Tips

10 Spring Dates That Cost Zero

Thrifty Low Fuss Valentine’s Day Date & Gift Ideas

How To Get Out Of A Date Night Rut Without Blowing The Budget

10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero

Where We Save & Where We Splurge On Our Weekend Getaways For 2

10 Summer Dates That Cost Zero

10 Ways Thrifty People Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Less

5 Date Ideas For $5 Or Less

10 Ways Thrifty People Dinner Date

10 Dates Thrifty People Take

Frugal Valentine Series

How To Earn Enough Swag Bucks To Pay For A Dinner For Two Each Month

Raising Children Without Breaking The Bank

25 Fall Activities For Families On A Tight Budget

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Back To School Shopping

10 Ways To Save Money On Children’s Toys

25 Free Low Cost Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

10 Toys With Excellent Play Value: Plus 4 Ways To Save Money On Them

20 Thrifty Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Child

6 Ways We Saved Money On A Teenage Bedroom Makeover

10 Backyard Summer Fun Items For $10 Or Less

7 Ways To Raise A Thrifty Child

How To Save Money On Birthday Parties For Kids

How To Use Swagbucks To Pay For School Supplies

15 Family Favorite Board Games & 7 Ways To Spend Less On them

10 DIY gifts For Girls Ages 8 to 12 Under $10

10 Fabulous Stocking Stuffers For Teens That Won’t Break The Bank

5 Family Outings For $5 Or Less

10 Ways Thrifty People Homeschool

Shopping Homeschooling Secondhand Curriculum Sales Part 1

Shopping Homeschooling Secondhand Curriculum Sales Part 2

How To Save Money On Soccer Gear

 How Thrifty People Working Out & Lose  Weight

7 Thrifty Effects Of A Healthier Lifestyle

Where To Find Free Magazines To Motivate Your Fitness

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Workout Clothes

4 Free Ways To Track The Distance Of Your Outdoor Run

10 Of My Favorite Christian Workout Songs & 7 Ways To Save Money On Them

4 Free Ways To Workout At Home

10 Ways Thrifty People Lose Weight

10 Ways Thrifty People Exercise

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Running Events

Fitness Shoes For Less

Thrifty Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to check out the Thrifty Christmas Tips page for ideas on inexpensive Christmas gifts.

A Round Up Of My Best Thrifty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

5 Last Minute Thrifty Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For $15 Or Less

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Graduation Gifts

10 Thrifty Ways To Honor Mom This Mother’s Day

5 Easter Basket Fillers For Woman For $5 Or Less

How To Earn A Shutterfly Photo Book A Month Using Bing Rewards (these make great gifts)

Thrifty Bookworm Tips

17 Ways Thrifty Bookworms Save Money On Books

How To Get Your Money’s Worth & More Out Of An Ultimate Bundle Deal

4 Thrifty Ways To Grab Your Summer Reads

Where to Find Free Magazines That Will Motivate Your Fitness

5 Free or Nearly Free Sources Of Books

Thrifty Bookworms & Swagbucks: The Perfect Romance

Building A Home Library Inexpensively: Updated

Building A Home Library Inexpensively: Part 1 books

Building A Home Library Inexpensively: Part 2 Books

Building A Home Library Inexpensively: Part 3 Magazines

Building A Home Library Inexpensively: Part 4 Audio Books

Tyndale Rewards: Earn free paperback books

Paperbackswap : Swap the books you no longer want for ones you do want.

Thrifty Vacation Tips

5 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Day Trips

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Vacations

10 Ways Thrifty People Camp

10 Tips For Staycation Vacation Success

A Simple Way To Stay On Budget During Vacation

2 Big Ways & 5 Little Ways We Saved Money On Our Disney World Vacation

How to Maximize The Space Of Your Carry On Luggage (so you don’t have to pay for checked bags)

3 Ways To Afford Memory Building Family Time On A Tight Budget

Thrifty Online Shopping Secrets

One Major Way Free Samples Can Help You Spend Less Money & One Great Place To Find Them

A Simple Way To Get The Best Cash Back Rate Every Time

Boxed: An Online Wholesale Store Without The Membership Prices

41 Websites Thrifty People Use & Love

5 Steps Thrifty Online Christmas Shoppers Take To Save Money

20 Websites Thrifty People Use To Save Money On Clothing

4 Thrifty Reasons To Join Brad’s Deals

How To Make Sure You Get The Best Cash Back Available (no credit cards needed)

Why This Thrifty Gal Will Shop At Twice More Than Twice

10 Ways Thrifty People Use Facebook To Save & Make Money

7 Questions Thrifty People Ask Before Placing An Order Online

Why This Thrifty Woman Loves Zulily

A Thrifty Woman’s First ThredUp Order: Will She Order Again?

8 Practical Amazon Add On Items: So You Get Free Shipping Every Time

Surfing The Web To Save Money

Yard Sales

30 Things You Can Gather For Your Yard Sale Pile TODAY: Toss Clutter & Gain Cash

5 Secrets Of Thrifty Yard Sale Power Shoppers: How They Are Getting The Best Deals Every Time

How I Saved $500 In 1 Hour

Everything You Need To Know To Have Your Best Yard Sale Season Yet

Yard Sale Shopping Tips

How To Hold Your Most Successful Yard Sale Yet

Our Journey To A Debt Free Life & Beyond

Why I Rarely Talk About Our Debt Free Journey

Our Debt Free Journey Part 2: How We Ended Up Back Into Debt And Out Again

What Debt Free Life Really Looks Like For Our Family

10 Tools To Help You Get & Stay Out Of Debt

Welcome to Our $10,000 Home

How To Replenish Your Emergency Fund After An Emergency

How A Family Stretched 1 Home Into 3 : Becoming Debt Free & Creating Income

Changing Financial Goals: One Family’s Story of Swapping Practical For Crazy

12 Months To An Exceptionally Brighter Financial Future

Thrifty Blogging

How To Get Awesome  Courses To Grow Your Blog Dirt Cheap

10 Ways Thrifty Bloggers Save Money On Blogging

Misc. Money Saving Tips On Various Topics

These are subjects I haven’t written enough on to give them  there own page yet, but they are still great articles full of money saving tips.

10 Ways Thrifty People Save Money On Halloween Costumes

10 Ways To Create Some Serious Wiggle Room In A Tight Budget

The Positive Results Of Embracing The Thrifty Lifestyle For Life

10 Popular Money Saving Posts That Will Help You Become A Thrifty Ninja

5 Ways To Save Money In College

12 Steps to an Exceptionally Brighter Financial Future

How Our Family Pays Just $45 A Month For Service To 3 Smartphones

If You Want To Improve Your Finances You Need To Look At How You Manage Your Time

If You Want To Be Financially Content: Do This–Not That

The Financial Cost Of “Someday” Stockpiling

The Secret To An Abundant Life For Less Money

6 Thrifty Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Home

How Thrifty People Fill Their Flower Gardens For Less Money

20 Quick & Simple Dinner Ideas: Helping You Save Money By Avoiding Takeout

10 Things Thrifty People Wants Salespeople To Know

3 Fun Challenges That Will Help You Reach Your Financial Goals

12 Purchasing Habits Of The Ultra Thrifty

10 Top Money Saving & Debt Free Story Posts Of 2015

If you Want To Save Some Serious Money–Think Outside The Box

10 Ways Thrifty People Decorate For Less

3 Big Name Brands With Great Loyalty Programs

5 Reasons To Be Thrifty

Why My Thrifty Might Not Be Your Thrifty And That Is Okay

5 Ways Thrifty People Enjoy Starbucks

One Way To Save $100’s On Non Emergency Medical Procedures

How To Get Smartphone Service For Under $20 A Month Regardless Of Brand

The Top 10 Ways Homemakers Can Save Money

10 Ways To Save $1 This Week

10 Ways Thrifty People Blog

41 Websites & Apps Thrifty People Use & Love

The Thrifty Persons Guide To Cash Envelopes

10 Ways Thrifty People Landscape

Green & Thrifty Tips: A One Week Series

10 Email Clubs Worth Signing Up For

Discount Codes: How I Saved $25 In Just Minutes

Discount Gift Cards: How I Save $100 A Year Or More

The 2 Piece Smartphone That Costs Me $11 A Month

10 Ways Thrifty People Renovate

10 Things Thrifty People Do For Fun

The Thrifty Person’s Guide To Watching Movies On The Big Screen For Less

The One Question That Saves Thrifty People The Most Money

10 Thrifty Themed Pinterest Community Boards To Follow

What Thrifty People Do With Free Samples & Where To Find Them

A Sneak Peak Into The Mail Of A Thrifty Family

10 Ways Thrifty People Stay Content & On Track Financially

101 Blogs Thrifty People Read

10 Bible Verses Thrifty People Memorize

5 Ways To Save Money On Haircuts

5 Ways To Escape The Winter Blues For $5 Or Less

Are You Making This Thrifty Mistake: How Not To Buy A Printer

Top 10 Money Saving Posts Of 2014

250 Ways Thrifty People Save Money

100 Ways Thrifty People Save Money

10 Steps To A Thriftier New Year

How To Catch Up Your Photos Without Breaking The Bank

Other Resource Pages You Might like

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  You can also find great money saving tips from around the web on my Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

 Books That Will Make You A Thrifty Ninja

10 books you need to read if you want to be a thrifty ninja (300)Want to take your thrifty living lifestyle to the next level? Here are 10 books that can help make you a thrifty ninja.

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