how to make money from what you already own

Here is a list of articles that I have written on ways make money selling my households no longer needed items, or that use the computer we own and the internet we already have, as well as craft items I make.

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Should you resell it?

The BIG Decluttering Question: Resell It Or Toss It? A How To Decided Guide

Getting Your Stuff Ready To Sell

How To Prepare Items For Sale So You Get Top Dollar

Places To Sell Your Stuff

The Simplest Way I  Know to Sell Your Stuff

7 Places To Sell Used Clothing

10 Ways Thrifty People Use Facebook To Save & Earn Money

Tips to Successfully Selling In Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

Yard Sales


Second Hand Curriculum Sales (great for Homeschoolers)

Consignment Sales

Consignment Stores


Throw it on the Front Lawn

Places To Trade In You Stuff For Cash Or Credit

GameStop’s Trade In Program

Selling Books Using Amazon’s Trade In Program

Scrap Metal

Paperback Swap

Places To Sell Your Crafts

Selling Crafts From A  Basket

Creating a Craft Sale on Facebook

Things Worth Selling And Things That Aren’t

Why I am Giving  Away The Small Stuff

5 Yard Sale Finds Worth Reselling For Profit On Ebay

Success Stories

How 6 Banana Boxes Paid For All 3 Of My Children To Go To Summer Camp


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Point Programs

Work At Home



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