10 Ways A Thrifty Gal Hangs Out With Her Friends For Less


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Even though I am an introvert I still love time spent with great friends.

10 ways a thrifty gal hangs out with her friends for little cash

Of course, I don’t generally spend too much money when meeting up with my girlfriends. It isn’t that I am cheap, it is just that I believe time spent together doesn’t have to cost much.

10 Ways A Thrifty Gal Hangs Out With Her Friends For Less

1. Coffee Dates Using Gift Cards Earned Online Or Through Apps

Starbucks is a common place to meet up for a coffee and a chat in my town. To keep these coffee meet-ups inexpensive, I like to use gift cards that I earn through various apps and online point programs.

Here are a few of my favorite online point programs that offer Starbucks gift cards as a payment option:

Here are a few of my favorite  apps that offer Starbucks gift cards as a payment option

(psst….here is an article I wrote on 5 different ways I like to save on Starbucks)

2. Doing Something Together We Were Both Going To Do Anyways

I love to run and so does a very good friend of mine. We get together 1 to 3 times a week and run together.

You could also try grocery shopping with your friends, or big batch cooking. These types of friend meet ups don’t cost time or money.

3. Movie Night In

Grab a redbox movie and a few girl friends. Pop some popcorn and grab something to drink. Movie night for under $5 and you can stop the movie during certain scenes if you want to critique characters outfits, sayings or behavior.

4. Bring  Your Own Craft Night

It has been years since I have held a bring your own craft night. Basically everyone brings a craft project they want to work on and a snack to share. Take turns hosting it at various friend’s houses in your friendship circle.

5. Game Night

Get your friends together and play board games, dice games, card games or even video games. One of the funniest memories I have of my friends and I getting together is the night we decided to play one of my children’s Wii games.

If you have a large circle of friends Bunco is an extremely fun dice game. You can have people bring an item from the dollar store to throw in a gift basket and then give it as a prize to the person with the most Buncos of the night.

Another fun dice game with a few less rules is Tenzi. My family got this game at Christmas time and we love it.  Get the book of 75 ways to play Tenzi and you and your friends can change the game up as often as you like.

If you prefer board games then Apples to Apples is fun, or try headbandz (did you know they have a version just for adults?) . Both these games result in much laughter around our house.

Make game night potluck and have each person bring a snack to share or a 2 liter of pop, and you will have an inexpensive and fun evening.

6. Yard Sale Shopping

Grab all your thrifty minded girl friends and go yard sale shopping together. Make it a bit more fun by holding a contest “who can get the best item under $5” or “who can get the most items for under $5” or whatever you want.

7. Clothes Swap

Have each of your friends gather together all the clothing in their home that they and their family members no longer wear. Tell them to bring it to your house and host a clothes swap. Search Pinterest and Google for ideas of how to set one up. Donate the leftovers to Schoola or a local thrift store.

8. Book Swap

Here is a variation on the clothing swap for all you bookworms out there: hold a book swap with your friends. Count up the books as the people come in the door and give them one ticket per book that they can trade for other people’s books.

This is would be a thrifty way to grab new reads for everyone involved on top of an inexpensive gathering.

9. Daily Deal Site Outings

Daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social offer deals for as much as 50% off restaurants, yoga classes, kayaking, rock climbing, and more. Often these deals are good for 2 to 4 people and sometimes more. Grab one for a venue near you and split the cost between your friends that want to go and you have an inexpensive night–or day–out.

10. Take In A Free Local Event

Most communities have free festivals or concerts from time to time. These free events can make for inexpensive and enjoyable time spent with friends.

What are some inexpensive ways you like to spend time with your friends.

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