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I haven’t jumped on the Amazon Prime band wagon yet. I still prefer ordering from Amazon using qualifying items for the $35 or more free shipping.

8 practical add on items that will help your hit free shipping limits on Amazon without wasting moneySometimes that means I am a few dollars short of where I need to be at check out time to make $35. When that problem arises I refer to my list of add on products that we use all the time in our home and that are either the same price as I would find in the store or just a bit more (since the extra cost is washed out in what I save in shipping).

8 of my favorite add on items

1. Pencils

As a home schooling family we go through a lot of pencils. Dixon Ticonderoga are a great long lasting brand of pencils. They sharpen well and don’t break as easy. Amazon sells a box of 12 as an add on item.

2. Pens

You can get a box of Bic round stic pens for just under $2. In my house we are always short on pens so this is a favorite add on item of ours.

3. Erasers

My children lose their erasers almost daily. So I try to keep a few new ones around as back ups to avoid wasting school minutes searching for them. Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers are my favorite and a pack of 3 is around $2 .

4. School Glue Sticks

My daughter is an art addict so we go through glue sticks fast. This pack of two glue sticks is right is priced a bit higher than  I would buy it in store but if it bumps me up to free shipping then the amount saved is greater than the extra I spent.

5. Tape

The little budding artist also is known for using all the tape in the house at an alarming rate. This 3 pack of Scotch brand magic tape is reasonable and is often just what I need to bump my order to just over $35.

6. Hair Elastics

Both my daughter and I really like the Scunci brand of hair elastics. My daughter takes her ponytails out in the strangest places and leaves her hair elastics there as well, so after a while our supply dwindles. This pack of 36 is just under $4.

7. Index Cards

Even though my eldest son uses a flash card App on his iPad for school we still go through index cards fast at our house. I use them to fill my price book (I set my hole puncher to the right distance) , for writing short notes, for giving my son a daily list of what he needs to do that day for school, and on and on. A stack of 100 are under $1 as an add on item.

8. Black Sharpies

We use Sharpies all over the house to label things. There  is one child who never seems to get the lid on tight so they dry out. At under $2 for a 2 pack they are a great add on.

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  1. How smart! I never would have thought of this! Thank you for sharing! Makes me wonder what else I could get that I use everyday.

  2. I’d put essential oils on the list. Great way to build a little collection for a good price–some are only about $4-5!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Every now and then, I’ll pick a snack from the gourmet foods section that I could never find in my area. Some of them are only $2-3. A couple of times, I’ve gotten inexpensive, yet fancy coloring books for my niece- Impressionist paintings or Victorian Fashions, etc. Usually, though, I feed my mom’s addiction to Sudoku with a puzzle book. 🙂

  4. Great selection of Add-on items they are great ways to save on Amazon I cannot count the amount I have save from getting free shipping through these items.

    I made a list of my favorites as well, they are so many that you can find these items in all shapes and sizes.

  5. Oh, the hair elastics got me! The pencils and pens were like, yea fine, but the hair elastics!! We go through those things like water… and bobby pins — where do they disappear to??? I feel so stupid for not thinking of these things before…!!

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