5 Ways To Save Money On Haircuts


5 ways to save money on haircutsWhen your whole family needs haircuts it can get expensive. I have discovered a few thrifty ways to save money on haircut costs for our family.

5 Ways To Save Money On Haircuts

1. Do It Yourself

Trust me I realize that not everyone can do this. I am a woman who could not cut a straight line if her life depended on it so I do not cut anyone’s hair including my own. However, my husband manages to give himself an awesome buzz cut every week and when our boys were little he use to buzz their hair too. Then they grew old enough to have an opinion about their hair style and what they wanted was not something their dad could do on his own.

If you want to to this there are a lot of tutorials out there. I entered “how to cut hair at home” into the search box in Pinterest and a tonne of tutorials popped up. I am guessing the same would happen if you entered those words into Google, or YouTube.

2. Have A Talented Friend Do It

When my daughter was little my talented neighbor and friend use to trim my daughters hair in exchange for some of my knitted dish clothes. This trade worked well until just like my boys my daughter grew older and wanted a cut beyond my neighbors talents.

3. Hairdressing Schools

If your town has a hairdressing school I would suggest giving it a try. Hair cuts are usually cheaper at hairdressing schools than any other hair cutting salon. The students work is checked by a professional, so mistakes are fixed (although generally mistakes are very minor, at least in our hairdressing school experience) .

In our town my children and I use to go to a hairdressing school for years that charged just $5 for a hair cut on Tuesdays.

4. Great Clips With Coupons

Our hairdressing school is no longer in business though so now we get our hair cut at Great Clips. Once we had our first round of hair cuts there, coupons started coming in our snail mail. I recently signed up for their Great Stuff program that states it will send discount deals to my email address. ( I am not affiliated in anyway with Great Clips, just sharing a good deal)

These coupons have made hair cuts as low as $7.99 per person, and we have always received great cuts and great service.

5. Keep A Simple Cut

If you have a simple cut the better the chance is that you might be able to do it yourself, or find a talented friend who can. If you have a simple cut chances are higher too that you can go longer between hair cuts. The longer you can go between haircuts the more money you save each year.

My daughter for instance currently has all her hair at one length and only goes to the hairdressers every 6 months for a trim. My older son has a longer messy hair style that needs to be cut only once a season.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow my Saving Money Tips Board on Pinterest.

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 My husband has tried out several brands of hair trimmers and the brand he loves the most is Wahl. We have had this particular set for many years now and my husband uses it every week or so and it is still going strong.

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  1. I cut my hair, my husbands hair, my three sons hair, and my dad’s hair 🙂 i was terrible at first but we were in seminary and had NO extra money. Now i have definitely improved with practice. But my mom has never taken me up on my offer to cut her hair 😉

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