A Round Up Of My Best Thrifty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


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When I was thinking about what I truly want for Mother’s Day this year, all I could think of was some extra time on the porch swing to curl up and read an entire book over the course of Mother’s day weekend (I am thinking of perhaps reading this book or perhaps this one).

Thrifty Yet Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

And then it hit me, I can help my kids give me that gift by sharing a round up of thrifty Mother’s Day gift ideas I have written in the past that you might have missed, then use the hours I save on not writing a 100% new article to get work done early and hit the porch swing with my book in hand. So I decided to do just that.

Thrifty Yet Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Plus! Go check out my favorite Mama’s necklace that is on sale for just $6.99 until Sunday.

Enjoy the posts, and if you are a mom–Happy Mother’s Day! May you too get to spend some hard-earned relaxation time this weekend.

Thrifty Yet Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Oh, and kids if you read this…which you might after I send you the link via Facebook Messaging …here is the Mother’s Day gift list from me that you all asked for!

(psst…all 3 of you go in on one gift; remember–mom is thrifty)

  1. A new Starbucks mug with a lid. Venti size. Ceramic or Stainless steel.
  2. A yoga mat like this one. Extra thick, 1/2 inch at least
  3. Flowers from ALDI
  4. Organic chocolate also available at ALDI
  5. The gift of uninterrupted time to read my book. This means FYO weekend {fix your own meals}.
  6. A handwritten note
  7. Permission to post a picture of y’all on Instagram–because I think you are stinking adorable and totally want everyone to know—even if you are all over the age of 13.
  8. A framed piece of your art–never to old for new fridge art.
  9. Do a chore for me. Psst, the front porch stair flower boxes need spring annuals.
  10. A cupcake! Homemade, extra icing.

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