A Simple Way To Get The Best Cash Back Rate Every Time


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I am a big fan of stacking one type of discount on top of another and repeat as much as possible on one purchase, bringing the price out of pocket to the least amount possible.

How to get the best cash back rate on every online purchase with just one step

When I order anything online  my thought process is usually as follows…

1. What site has it for the lowest price?

2. Can I use a discounted gift card to pay? Or perhaps I can cash in points from a point program site for a gift card?

3. Is there a coupon code for free shipping or to drive down the price?

4. Can I shop through a cash back site to get some money back on my purchases?

5. What cash back site is offering the best cash back rate?

Until recently the last question on my list took me some time, but I found out about aggregator sites that are specifically for finding the best cash back rates for whatever store where you want to shop.

3 Sites That Will Help You Find Out The Best Cash Back Rates For Your Purchase

1. CashBackHolic.com

2. CashbackMonitor.com

3. evreward.com

I prefer how CashBackHolic is set up and run, but all three sites offer great lists–it is just a matter of personal preference as to which one to use.

2 Cash Back Sites I have used with success

I mainly use Swagbucks or My Points for earning cash backs (see why below), but they don’t always have cash backs available at the stores where I want to shop. When they don’t, I usually find a cash back for the store I want at either Ebates or Top Cashback, but not always which is why I am trying out a few new ones (see next point for which ones).

1. Ebates

At Ebates you need just $5.01 to ask for a cash out and cash outs can be either by check or Paypal. I use Ebates mainly for my  Zulily purchases.

2. Top Cashback

What I love about Top Cashback is that you don’t have to have a minimum to ask for a cash back and you earn a 2.5 percent cash back bonus when you take your cash out in the form of an Amazon gift card code.

3 New Cash Back Sites I have Recently Signed Up For

I love trying out new thrifty sites for my family and my readers, so when a reader shared a new cash back site with me and then I found two more in a magazine I was reading, I decided to sign up for them and plan to try them out soon to see if  I like them and then share my findings. The sources I found them from are ones I trust so I feel okay about sharing them with you before I have tested them.

1. FatWallet.com

FatWallet  has a minimum cash out of $10 by either check or Paypal deposit. FatWallet has a coupon area with a “restaurant and entertainment tab” that I think might come in handy for saving money on eating out for our family from time time.

2. RebateCodes.com

With over 750 stores, RebateCodes.com probably has the stores you shop at and great cash back rates on them as well. RebatesCodes.com will start your account with $5 when you use my referral link to sign up (those words in blue are my referral link). Cash out begins at the $25 mark and can be taken in either a check or a PayPal deposit.

3. BeFrugal.com

BeFrugal offers cash backs at over 4,000 stores. When I tried out the aggregator sites listed above, BeFrugal showed up near the top of companies offering the highest cash back rate again and again (as did Ebates). BeFrugal offers a 3% bonus if you take your cash out in the form of an Amazon gift card code however the minimum cash out is $25 which can take a while if you don’t shop online that often. At the time of this writing  you can start your account with a $5 bonus by using my referral link (this is a limited time offer, not sure when it ends).

 2 Point Reward Programs That Offer Points Towards Gift Cards For Shopping

Why use a point program and not a cash back site? 

With the exception of Top Cash Back the cash back sites I have tried all have minimum cash out levels varying from $5 to as high as $25 with some of the new ones I just signed up for. With no other way of earning cash except through shopping, which is something this thrifty gal doesn’t do unless it is needed, it can be a long wait to earn a cash out. However, when you use a point program to earn cash back points you have many different ways of earning more points so that you can reach gift card cash out levels faster. Win!

1. Swagbucks

Here are a few of my posts that explain Swagbucks in detail:

Basically how Swagbucks works is that you do things you would normally do online, like shop or search, through the Swagbucks website and earn points called SB. You can exchange your SB for gift cards starting at only 300 SB.

2. My Points

Here is a post I wrote explain My Points

What I love about My Points is that it is one of the few point reward programs around that still offers real, physical, hold-in-your-hand gift cards (I might be weird but I prefer using these at restaurants over the paper ones).

Do you use cash back sites? Which ones are your favorites? Did you know about aggregator sites for cash back sites? If so which one is your favorite?

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