Using It Up To The Last Drop: Peanut Butter Edition


Way back in January I shared with my readers a treadmill epiphany I had one day that has made many of my beauty products last several  more applications.

Today I am sharing with you a tip I use that makes my favorite peanut butter last one serving longer.

How to use up the last of the natural peanut butter.

I was raised on natural peanut butter made of nothing but 100% peanuts, so naturally when my kids were born I introduced them to it and now my household goes through a 26 oz jar of peanut butter every 6 to 7 days.

Any one raised on natural peanut butter knows that the great taste comes with a chore. You have to stir in the natural oils of the peanuts that settle on top the day you open it.

As my kids have grown older they have attempted to do this chore themselves, and they do okay, except in an attempt to make less mess they never seem to get the very bottom stirred correctly and we end up with about 2 to 3 tablespoons of very dry peanut butter that does not spread well.

At first I use to add a bit of olive oil in to make it spread, and it worked but it just did not taste right. Then one day I decided to mix the peanut butter with honey and dip my favorite green apples in it. YUM!

The result a very yummy, very creamy spread.

Do you have any “using it up to the last drop” secrets?

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  1. Good idea! I love that peanut butter too! 🙂 I usually just leave the jar out on the counter and when it warms up, those last bites are usually pretty spreadable.

    I also mix honey with peanut butter to make it easier to dip apples and pretzels in it. It keeps the peanut butter thicker (you know how it can be really runny at room temp?) and helps you get most every last bit out of the bowl. Plus it’s delicious 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for linking up at Thrifty Thursday! That’s such a good idea to mix it with peanut butter! I try to use up the last of my dishwashing soap by adding a little water to it to make the rest come out easily 🙂

  3. Store the unopened, “just-bought” jars of peanut butter upside down in the cupboard. When you are ready to use a new jar, turn it right side up, slowly remove the lid, and stir well with a butter knife. It will STAY stirred, all the way to the bottom of the jar.

    • I have got to try this! I have been eating Natural Peanut Butter for 38 years of my life and never heard of this tip! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I drain the oil off the top of the natural peanut butter and use it for the bottom of the pot when I make popcorn. I find the peanut butter is still moist enough to spread and feel like I sort of make it ‘reduced fat.”

    • Victoria says:

      Really? What brand do you buy? I normally buy Smuckers and without the oil you would only be able to spread maybe 2/3 rds down the jar and the bottom would be hard. I however bought another brand lately and it was way more moist. So perhaps with it I could use the oil I bet it makes for great tasting popcorn.

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