5 Last Minute Thrifty Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him


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Looking for a last minute thrifty Valentine’s gift for your man? Well I have 5 to share with your today, but first, a little background story on what Valentine’s is like in our thrifty household.

Valentine’s day at our house is huge, but probably not for the same reasons as you might be thinking.

5 last minute thrifty Valentine's day gift ideas for him!

You see, our firstborn son was born on Valentine’s day 9 months after we were married. Yep, a honeymoon Valentine’s day baby. So in our house the day centers on our son’s birthday, yet my husband and I still give each other something small as a gift that day or do something together the day before or the day after.

My gifts for my husband are usually the homemade, inexpensive, simple to make, last minute kind, not that I leave it to the last minute–okay, sometimes I do.

5 Last Minute Thrifty Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

1. Create a Movie Night in a Basket

Your local dollar store is a great place to grab everything you need for a great low cost movie night in a basket. There you will find movie size boxes of candy for just $1.00, as well as microwave popcorn and a basket to put it all in.

For the movie, you can either pick one out from a Redbox near you to place in the gift if you plan to watch the movie that night or put a promo code for a Redbox movie inside a card and slip it in the basket (you can purchase them on the Redbox website). There is also a chance that you might be able to snag a free promo code for the movie, sites such as Money Saving Mom list free Redbox codes when they come available.

Psst…Did you know that you can also cash in your SB points for a $5 Redbox Gift card from Swagbucks? You can easily earn that many points in a very short amount of  time doing things you already do online through SwagbucksInstaGC and PrizeRebel also offer Redbox gift cards.

2. Bake His Favorite Sweet Treat in The Shape of a Heart

Sometime during the week of Valentine’s Day every year, I take the time and spend the effort on making my husband a batch of his favorite gingerbread cookies in the shapes of hearts. He always gives me a big smile and a kiss when he sees the full cookie tin when he gets home.

I have also made sugar cookies in the shape of hearts and breakfast biscuits that I topped with sausage gravy the morning of Valentine’s day. Pretty much any baked good can be made in the shape of a heart with a bit of effort and imagination.

Of course, you could also make up some homemade chocolates and place them in a valentine themed container from the dollar store.

3. Complete a Task on His Honey to do List For Him

If you have a man whose love tank is filled with acts of service, surprise him by doing one task he usually does for you. For me, this has been getting out early in the morning to shovel snow off the driveway so my husband can sleep in just a bit more before work. I am perfectly capable of shoveling snow, but I usually don’t because my husband does it for me.

You could tackle something bigger too. These days, YouTube can help you do just about any DIY project that has been tugging at the guilt strings of your man’s heart whenever he looks at it on his To Do List.

4. Get Creative With Post-It Notes

I wrote an entire post on using post-it’s to express love at Valentines day. Post-it notes are inexpensive, readily available, and come in pink, making them the perfect tool for a creative and thrifty last minute Valentine’s gift.

Psst….Do not go too cheap with post it notes. Spend the extra on the actual Post It brand, especially if you are planning to dress yourself in them. 😉

5. Fill a Love Jar

I found this idea on another blog a while back and I love it! I have yet to use it, but I see so much thrifty potential in it.

Basically, you grab a glass jar with a lid and fill it with reasons why you love your man. He can choose to read them all at once or one a day. There are so many possible variations of this idea. Fill the jar with special memories between the two of you or date ideas that you could explore or…engage your creative thrifty thinking.

A thrifty giving tip: I find that small, simple gifts are best appreciated when they suit the receiver’s love language. For instance, I know my husband is an act of service guy so that is why I make him cookies or shovel the snow. If your man is more of a quality time guy he would probably like the movie night in a basket gifts. Not sure what love language your man is? Check out the 5 love languages book. You can also visit the 5 love languages website and take the free quiz.

For more simple and inexpensive Valentine’s day ideas, check out my Frugal Valentine series

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