5 Dates for $5 or Less



I am so excited to see the return of Frugal Photo Friday this October hosted by Simply Rebekah and Money Saving Mom. Last year the series began my popular 10 ways thrifty people…. series. This year I thought I would challenge my thrifty self even further to come up with a series of 5 for $5 ideas.  Today I am kicking off that series with pictures of 5 dates you can take for $5 or less
and three of them can be done in your home eliminating the cost of a sitter.

5 dates $5 or less

Bonus Date Idea: Watch a sunrise or sunset together sitting on the front or back porch with a cup of tea in hand

5 Dates for $5 or Less

road race1. Take a walk

Walking is free and can be done almost anywhere and anytime. Most towns have at least one walking trail which usually are more scenic than walking neighborhoods. If you want to try something a little more challenging than a paved road or path for just $5 you can get into a State park (at least in Indiana) and hike a trail together just the two of you.


2. Take Advantage of Happy Hour And If You Can’t Use Coupons

Plenty of restaurant chains including A&W, Steak & Shake offer a happy hour generally  between the hours of 2 and 4 where they offer certain items on their menu for half price.

These happy hours allow my husband and I to sit and talk over a milkshake, ice-cream or root beer float for under $5.  Can’t get out between the hours of 2 and 4? Join Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Fan club and get buy one get one free blizzard coupons up to 6 times a year. Also look in the flyers that come in the mail often I receive buy one get one sundae coupons from Culver’s .

library dvds

3. Curl up with a DVD and a bowl of popcorn at home

If you have little ones sitters can be the most expensive part of a date. You can avoid them all together by taking a date at home after the children are in bed. Our local library has a great DVD selection, yours just might too. If not Money Saving Mom often lists free Redbox codes. No free code available? If you are a Bing Rewards member you can cash in 100 points for a Redbox code.  Of course Redbox rentals are still well under $5 and popcorn is very inexpensive so even if you have to pay full price for a Redbox rental you won’t be going over $5 for your date.

Don’t feel like leaving your house to pick of a Redbox or Library DVD if you collect Swagbucks you can cash them in for Amazon cards that you can use to instantly stream a movie to your TV if you have the right hook ups or even better to your laptop and the two of you can snuggle in bed while you enjoy your show.


4. Pass the iPad or play a board game

Yet another date idea you can do after the little ones are sleeping. Lately my husband and I have been playing Words With Friends on the iPad together. The app was free. If you don’t have an iPad my guess is you have a few board games in your home that have not seen the light of day in a while. Add a bit of spice to your game night, loser gives the winner a back rub.

brownie(my famous brownies)

5. Pass the dessert please

When our kids were still too young to leave alone but not so young it took us hours to get them to bed, we use to put them upstairs with a movie to watch and a row of 4 quarters each. They got to keep those quarters if they stayed upstairs for the duration of the movie. While they were watching the movie the hubby and I would enjoy a desert I had baked all by ourselves while being curled up side by side on our couch and chatting about our day.To make the mood more date like we would turn off the lights and eat by candle light.  Cost of the date $3 for the quarters left on the stairs for our kids (they never lost one) (the candles and food we already had in the house).

Got an inexpensive date idea? I am all ears!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love that quarter trick with your kids. Ha!

    Nate and I have been struggling to have date nights lately. Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up!

  2. Such good ideas! I didn’t know about the b1g1 deal at Dairy Queen! I also love the dessert by candlelight idea. We have two toddlers now and are adding baby #3 in January so we need all the inexpensive date nights we can think of 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the cornerstone confessions link party.

  3. Great ideas. My husband and I love to play Uno for a date night. Hours of fun. Unless he cheats. 🙂


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