How To Earn Enough Swag Bucks Each Month To Pay For A Dinner For Two


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Date night can get expensive, especially if you have to pay for not just dinner out, but the sitter as well. What if I told you there was a way to get your dinner paid for each and every month without effecting your monthly budget?

How to get Swag Bucks To Pick Up Your Date Night TabHow? By combining Swagbucks, my favorite online point program with a few thrifty actions. With a little time and effort your can earn enough Swagbucks each month to pay for a dinner out just the two of you to a restaurant that actually comes to your table to take your order and serves food on real plates.

Since I am part of a real life thrifty couple, I know that most dinner dates cost me and my husband right around $30 to $35 including a 20% tip. Swagbucks offers several different restaurant gift cards so you should be able to find one that suits you and your hubby.

How To Pay Zero Out of Pocket For A Dinner Date

The Thrifty Part

To keep a meal for 2 under $35 you have to follow a few simple thrifty guidelines.

1. Order water to drink.

2. Join the restaurants email club if they have one, and like their Facebook page, both places will help you find coupons.

3. Go out for lunch and not dinner if you can as prices are normally a bit cheaper.

4. If there is not an email or Facebook page coupon available do a quick web search before you leave to see if there is a coupon online somewhere enter “coupons for ……….” you might be surprised what comes up.

5. Skip appetizers and desserts.

Word of advice from a former waitress: Be thrifty and not cheap and make sure you tip at what a full price meal with drinks would have cost you.

How to earn the $35 in Swagbucks Gift Certificates in one month

In order to earn $35 in gift cards you are going to set your goal at earning 3500 Swag Bucks a month. Here is how to do it…

(psst… since writing this post Swagbucks has made your first $25 gift card only 2200 points! meaning your not going to have to work as hard to get your dinner for two, but I left the plan at 3500 points because it was just simpler math šŸ™‚

swabucks homepage image

This is what the Swagbucks home page looks like and it is where you will find the Daily Poll, The NOSO and many more ways to earn point.

1. Do the daily poll: 1 points per day X 30 = 30 Swag Bucks

2. Do the NOSO daily: 2 points per day X 30 = 60 Swag Bucks

3.Do at least one search through toolbar and you earn 1 pnt per day = 30 Swag Bucks

4.Ā  Do all your daily searches through Swagbucks toolbar on averageĀ  I earn 17 a day this way times that by 30= 510 Swag Bucks

Convert Bing Rewards Credits Into Swag Bucks (med)

5. Join Bing Rewards: 16 points per day = 480 Bing Reward points a month cash 475 of them in for a 500 Swag Bucks Swag Code (must reach gold status in Bing Reward Program for this to work, you will be a few points short the first month while you are working on achieving gold status ) = 500 Swag Bucks

3 Apps That Will Help Your Earn More Swag Bucks (medium)

There are now 2 more apps for earning Swagbucks since I wrote about these 3. You can them listed in my Swagbucks Christmas post.

6.Use the Swagbucks Apps You don’t need a smart phone for the Swagbucks Apps , an iPad or iPod will work. The nice thing about watching the videos on the App is that once you choice a station the videos run continually. Keep the videos going until you reach the daily maximum .

  • Swagbuck TV App 36 daily Swag BucksĀ  =1080 per month
  • EntertainNow App 18 daily Swag Bucks = 540 per month
  • Sportly.TV App 18 daily Swagbucks = 540 per month
  • Lifestylz App 18 daily Swagbucks = 540 per month

If you were to be 100% faithful in running the Swagbucks apps daily you could earn 2700 Swag Bucks bringing your total to 3830 Swag Bucks per month which is more than enough to enjoy your dinner for two paid for by Swagbucks.

Ā Not big on all that video watching?

Here is how to reduce the amount of videos you need each month to reach your goal of a $35 gift certificate each and every month.

1. Shop online through Swagbucks. I average 194 Swag Bucks a month this way (points do take a month or so to show up)

daily deals at Swagbucks

2.Purchasing daily deals through Swagbucks. I average 100 Swag Bucks a month this way

3.Like the Swagbucks Facebook page and click the get notification button and when they list a Swagbucks codes enter it in the Swag Code area on Swagbucks home page. I earned 55 Swag Bucks in on month this way

4. Daily meter bonus.This is for making a daily goal that Swagbucks sets for you I earned 18 points last month for this.

5.Ā  Additional ways to earn more Swag Bucks. Referring people to Swagbucks, printing coupons and earning Swag Bucks when you cash them in, filling out surveys, doing online tasks, signing up for certain programs, and much more to earn more Swag Bucks each and every month and therefore reduce the amount of videos you have to watch to hit you monthly total for a date paid by Swagbucks.

You could also do all these 5 extra steps and still watch the videos on your computer and upgrade your date night to a higher priced gift card and enjoy a few dinner frills like drinks, or dessert or appetizers if you wish.

20 Ways to earn Swagbucks that can make it possible to earn $100 a monthI have had numerous readers reporting Swagbucks earnings as high as $100 a month. Here is how they do it.

Ā Not a Swagbucks member yet? Sign up today and start your Swagbucks journey

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  1. Thanks for this tip! I will figure out my password and make a point to use my swagbucks account. We are being more cautious with spending.

  2. On average how much time do you spend doing all of the stuff for swagbucks? sounds like alot of time on the computer, i am trying to figure out the swagbucks and earning money useing
    the internet

    • What I love about Swagbucks is that you can decided how much time you want to spend on it. Even if you just stick to a few elements of it you will still earn $5 to $10 in gift cards a month minimal. The Daily Poll and NOSO take under a minute to do each day. Searches are something you were going to do anyway and those randomly earn points. If you use the App. you can stream the videos non stop on there and get your 150 points with little effort, as you can have them going while you are doing other things. If you are using your laptop you can watch the online videos in another window with the volume low, and earn points. Adding in Bing Rewards is under 2 minutes worth of work. I suggest playing around with the different ways to earn points and sticking to those you like.


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