Per the FTC regulations, this is a full explanation of how and when I am compensated on Snailpacetransformations.com

I love to write, I love my readers but most of all I love my family. Writing takes time away from my family and my hope is that one day soon I will be compensated enough from this blog to help provide for my family financially taking some of the financial burden off my husband shoulders.

I believe in honesty and I am not going to endorse a product I wouldn’t buy myself.

When I link to products in Amazon they are products I have either bought myself, or I personally know someone who has the product and loves it. Occasionally I link to something that does not fit into either of these categories but when I do I state it so beside the link. (example, link to journal (I do not own this journal but it has rave reviews)).

When I review a product the opinions I express about it are truly what I feel. If  I received the product free for review I will state so either in the post or at the bottom of my post, or both. If I received money and free product for the review I will state so in the post, or at the bottom of my post, or both. Sometimes, I just fall in love with a product I personally bought  and will share it with you, just because that is what I do (ask my friends it is true I am always talking about how I like this product or that product).

When I review a book once again the opinions I express are how I feel. I will tell you at the top of my book review if I was given a book for a free for review purposes. Remember though, I am a bookworm so I read and share more books than those I get free for review.

I am an affiliate of companies I believe in and use myself

What is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is simply a link that takes you to the site where the product or service I mentioned is sold and if you should choose to purchase it, or sometimes even something else there, my family receives a small percentage of the sales.

I love Amazon for its convenience and low prices, so signing up to be an affiliate with their company was an easy decision. However, sometimes I do link to an item because it is the same as the one I own at home, but please note I may have found it cheaper else where and therefore may not have purchase it on Amazon. I trust and expect you my readers to do the price comparison shopping on your own and have linked to Amazon in some cases strictly due to the ease of being able to show you the exact product I am talking about. ( I sometimes mention exactly this in my posts)

I am also an affiliate for



I am always trying out new affiliate companies, some work, some don’t, when they stick you will see them here, until then know that I always write “post contains affiliate links” on the top of posts that contain both affiliate and referral links so that you know I am compensated in some way if you should choose to purchase or sign up for programs through those links)

Affiliate Groups

I also work for a few affiliate groups these are companies who act as a hub for a number of companies with affiliate companies. It allows me to find more avenues to increase my income and often include great deals and giveaways that I can share with my readers.

Mysavings Media

Savings.com Blogger Network

Escalate Network

Share A Sale

Referral links

Referral links differ from affiliate links in that I am receiving payment in the form of credit or points for the program that I mention or recommend. The great thing about referral links is that in most cases you do not need a blog to benefit from them. So readers go ahead and sign up and share the programs you find you love so you and your family can benefit too.

Current Referral link list


Bing Rewards

Recycle Bank



Tyndale Rewards

Cardpool (I have both an affiliate link and a referral link)

Educents (I have both an affiliate link and a referral link)


Thred UP


Berry Cart


Living Social




Top Cash Back


Mr Rebate


Paid Viewpoint

Inbox Dollars




Rue la la

Whew! Now  that all that legal stuff is out in the open please remember my readers are more important to me than a few dollars, I think about you before I accept an item for review. I think about you before I sign up for to be an affiliate for any company. I also think about my readers first before promoting any referral links, wanting to promote only companies I truly feel will benefit your families as they have my own.

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