10 Things Thrifty People Do For Fun


10 Things Thrifty People Do For Fun(Money Saving Mom often shares free or low cost Krispy Kreme offers, You could also try joining the Friends Of Krispy Kreme Club or their Facebook page to keep up to date on the latest offers)

 This weeks theme for Frugal Photo Friday, is “Food and Fun” being a foodie these two words are one and the same to me. Here are 10 pictures of things my thrifty family does for fun  (many include food).

This 100% silk Anne Taylor dress $5. The necklace $2

1. Thrift Store Shopping:

I have a list of  thrift stores in various towns that I like to visit whenever we pass through them.

2. Yard Sales

Whether it is hosting one ourselves or shopping them  my family loves yard sales.Where else could I get enough wooden hangers for our entire master closet and then some for just $5.

3. Local 5K races

My son and I run local races often, most have under a $10 entry fee, that include a t-shirt and after race refreshments.

4. Trying out Frugal Pinterest Pins

I am discovering that pinterest is  a treasure trove of frugal tips and it is a lot of fun trying them out.

5. Trying to make my favorite foods from scratch

I love taking home a food product I love from the grocery store and figuring out if I could make something from scratch that tastes similar.

6. Biking

I love Fall for biking. Once you have a bike it truly is a sport that costs you pennies. To keep the initial cost down, buy one on Craigslist, or at a yard sale.

I like biking by myself, or with my hubby, or with the kids on a public path.

7. Eating out (With Coupons of Course)

I enjoy getting out just the two of us, or all five of us, and eating food I did not have to cook. I have a long list of e-mail clubs that send me coupons to keep the cost affordable.I have another list of those that give out free food for birthdays.

I lived in this outfit during the last months of summer. I bought it on clearance with coupons.

8. Shopping Clearance

Frugal people like to visit Target and Old Navy too. We just make a bee line for the clearance rack and make sure to bring coupons and use money from our cash envelopes to purchase it.

9. Reading

Reading is free when you borrow the books from your library.There are also several other ways to keep your book worms in books for very little money.

Our Family at Sea World in Florida the day of my son’s 16th birthday

10. The Ultimate Frugal Reward

No a 10 day trip to Florida to see Disney World and Sea World isn’t frugal, especially when your traveling from the Mid West. Instead it is an example of fun goals meet by saving money in frugal ways.

How does your family have fun frugally?

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  1. Great list! Well… except for the part about running… yuck! 😉

  2. We geocache! It’s so much fun…and free…and we can do it anywhere. I also LOVE clearance racks and doing pins if I already have the materials around the house.

  3. Great list! We like a lot of these activities too. 🙂 I just have to watch myself with the thrift stores and garage sales…it can add up if you go TOO often! My favorite are the 50% off sales our local thrift stores have several times a year. You know you are a real bargain hunter when the thrift store prices only seem reasonable when they are further discounted…LOL! (Or maybe our thrift store is just over priced!).

  4. We love to read, spend time outside, cook fun meals, and watch movies together at home. On the weekends, there are always events and festivals going on that we can go to for free. We pack some snacks in a bookbag and visit all the art vendors and enjoy the live local music! (Stopping my from Many Little Blessings)

    • Free community events are excellent when my boys were little they use to love going to the annual hobby train display at a local mall where we lived.

  5. thrift store shopping and yardsaling (if that’s even a word) definitely is our jam!
    my friends and I usually plan our garage sale adventure ahead of time and plan our route. Its fun and a great exercise I must say!

    ~ garagesalecow

  6. The ONLY shopping I do for entertainment is shopping at the fabric store; and even then, I go directly to the clearance rack and go from there. I use the fabric for making gifts. I could see getting great deals on grocery shopping could be fun; however, I HATE grocery shopping so my wonderful husband does it. For me/us, yard sales are too tempting to purchase stuff I don’t need because they are so discounted (unless I’m looking for something very specific).

    • Yes, yard sales can be a tempting place to spend money on things one doesn’t need. I always try to make up a written list of our needs at the beginning of the yard sale season and stick to it all season long. It really helps. Now that my daughter is older she comes along yard sale shopping with me and so it is a great “mom and daughter” time for us, that I treasure.

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