A Picture From Our Week: 4 Thrifty Ways To Grab Your Summer Reads


(post contains affiliate links see disclosure)4 thrifty ways to grab your summer reads

The kids and I got home from their testing on Tuesday to find a package leaning up against the house, inside were the three books pictured above that I had ordered  for free from Tyndale Rewards a few weeks ago using up some of the points I had saved up.

summer reading bagI placed them in my summer reading bag with the other finds I have found this year from my various thrifty reading sources.

I have also been filling my kindle Paper White with  bargain Kindle reads to enjoy on the front porch swing over the summer months but I have to admit, I still prefer really touch and feel paperback and hard back books over those read on ereaders.

Why? Well real books don’t run out of batteries when you are far from home, and real books don’t mind if sand gets on them, or a splash of water (and if turns out to be more than splash real books cost less to replace than ereading devices). Real books don’t suffer from sun glare problems, and real books can be easily passed on to a friend, resold or placed on Paperbackswap.com.

Plus there are just as many ways to grab free and low cost real touch and feel books as there are kindle titles.

4 Thrifty Ways To Grab Your Summer Reads In Touch and Feel Format

1. Tyndale Rewards

Tyndale Rewards offers you brand new books delivered to your door for FREE. You can earn you first free book in a matter of minutes. I explain how Tyndale Rewards works in my post “How To Earn Free Books With Tyndale Rewards”.

2. Paperbackswap

Paperbackswap is not entirely free as you will pay for the cost of postage to mail out your books but often that works out to be the same as a second hand book from other sources. Paperbackswap is a swapping site, someone requests a book of yours, you mail it out, they receive it and then you get a credit so you can pick out a book from someone else. Paperbackswap requires you to start your account out with 10 books  you are willing to part with, once you have those listed you get a free credit to try out the system.

3. Thrift Stores

One thrift store in my area has a half price sale the last weekend of every month. This makes their titles .50 cents to a dollar, which is cheaper than  the damaged book finds received when a child accidentally puts a wet towel on top of a library book you were reading pool side.

4. Yard Sales

My daughter and I love going to community wide rummages together where we hit dozens of yard sales in a small amount of time, saving us gas and time and increasing our chances of finding a few great books to add to my summer reading bag.

 One idea of what to do with the books after you finish reading them

a book bag for sharingHere is one new book bag I have added to my collection as of late. It is what I am calling my “books for sharing” bag. After reading More Or Less and Rhinestone Jesus I have thought more and more about how I could bless others. Since I  am blessed in finding free and inexpensive books I thought I would start sharing the blessing by putting those I read in this bag and once it gets half way full take it to church or the next social function I go to and pass them out.

I already did this once and it was so much fun. I told the recipients the only cost was they had to share the blessing when they are done. These books couldn’t sit on their shelves, they had to be read and passed, sort of like the pass the present game I played as a child. Each reading of the book is like a treasure to the recipient, yet there is still another layer to unfold by the next person.

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  1. Have you ever looked into the Little Libraries? There was a story on the Indy Star site a few weeks back… Several areas in the Indianapolis area now have them.

    • Victoria says:

      Are they the mailbox sized ones at the end of peoples driveways? I pinned a story about those a while back.

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