4 Free Ways To Workout at Home


 4 free ways to workout at home

I often hear from people who tell me they want to get fit, the excuse of “I want to get fit but I can’t afford a gym membership” or “I want to get fit but I don’t like running” or “I can’t find someone to watch the kids while I workout”.

So today I am blowing all those excuses up! You can work out without a gym membership. You can workout even if you don’t like to run. You can workout even if you can’t find someone to watch the kids.

4 Free Ways To Workout At Home

1. Pinterest

In preparation for this post I searched Pinterest for workout out ideas that could be done with just body weight, or with basic exercise equipment you might have collecting dust, or your friends might and would be willing to either loan it too you or give it too you so that they no longer feel guilty about the fact that they are not using it.

In under 20 minutes I had over 18 pins that matched what I was looking for.  See my Workouts You Can Do At Home board to view them (I plan to regularly update this board so you might want to follow it to stay inspired)

The pins vary from 5 minute to 20 minute videos,to pictures of routines that when you click through give you greater instruction to simple written workouts (if you don’t know a move you could Google it and I am sure you will find instructions).

2. You Tube

We have had so much snow in our area this year that I have had to resort to videos for some of my cardio workouts. One day all my DVD’s seemed boring and so my husband said “why don’t you check out You Tube” a simple “cardio workouts” typed into the search area brought up a tonne of videos from 5 minutes to 40 minutes in length.

3. Your Local Library

Many libraries have collections of workout DVD’s you can borrow. Libraries also usually have a section that contains books that show various workout moves for both strength training and cardio purposes.

4. Pop Sugar Fitness also known as Fit Sugar

When I was creating my workouts you can do at home Pinterest board I kept seeing one particular website over and over and over Pop Sugar Fitness (Fit Sugar). The site is full of short workout video’s and visual tutorials that really break down each move so that you can do it correctly.

While I was cruising these sources of freebie ways to workout at home I kept seeing a few basic at home gym purchases that you might want to consider buying, I plan to write about what they are real soon.

Looking for working out at home ideas? Follow my Workouts You Can Do At Home board on Pinterest.

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  1. I love YouTube for without videos! I use that all the time – and I’ve found some really expensive workout DVDs on there for free!

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