10 Thrifty Ways To Honor Mom This Mother’s Day


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Mother’s day a day when all too many people blow their budgets, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Moms don’t need expensive gifts to feel appreciated, at least this mom doesn’t and I am sure I am not the only one.

10 thrifty ways to honor mom this mother's day10 Thrifty Ways To Honor Mom This Mother’s Day

1. Coffee date

One of my favorite things to do with my daughter for the last few Mother’s day in a row is to take part in Starbucks 1/2 price frappe sale that seems to always land over Mother’s day weekend. We grab one together and sip and chat away.

You can make a coffee date even more affordable by earning your Starbucks gift cards using Swagbucks, Bing Rewards or Ibotta. (psst….when you order the cards from Bing Rewards or Ibotta the e-cards arrive to your mailbox within hours meaning you might be able to still snag one if you are reading this last minute and happen to have points)

2. A top 10 reasons why I love you list

I wrote about how a “top 10 reasons why I love you list” impacted my mother over at Money Saving Mom. Theses lists don’t cost you anything but a little time, and they mean so much to the receiver.

3. A bouquet of fresh flowers

You can pick your own if you have a green thumb or you can pick of a great looking inexpensive bouquet from Aldi’s. If you want the gift to be just a bit larger stop buy your local thrift store for a vase you can put them in, then tie a bow around it and attach a tag with just one reason why you love your mom written on it.

4. Flowers that will last all summer long

If you mom loves to garden you might want to skip the fresh bouquet and opt for perennials or annuals. This is what my family does for me every Mother’s day weekend. They take me to a locally owned greenhouse and let me pick out annuals for the flower boxes that line our front porch that I sit on all summer long. It really is a gift that lasts all season.

If your mom lives far away you can still add to her garden by sending her seed packets in her Mother’s Day card.

5. Pictures

Mom’s love pictures of their loved ones, and when they don’t have to have them printed or framed they love them even more. Dollar stores sell a variety of simple frames she is sure to love.

For a larger gift you could make her a photo book and keep it thrifty by using a free code, or join Bing and earn a free code each month.

6. Art made by loved ones

I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it! (psst… you might want to follow the board while you are checking out the pin I plan to fill it with all sorts of great gift ideas for mom’s and dad’s (Father’s day will be here before you know it) )

7. A new book

Not all moms are bookworms but for the ones who are a new book is always a welcomed gift. Don’t know what title she is itching to get her hands on, use you Swagbucks or InstaGC to earn Amazon cards and print them out and place them in a card for her to use enter the gift card codes and choose her own. That way she can pick either the paperback or kindle edition.

You could also email her a Amazon gift card to spend on a book if you don’t live close and want to at least save postage.

8. Jewelery made by loved ones

I have a few necklaces made by my daughter when she was younger that I cherish. Even full grown adult children can still make their mom’s necklaces check out my DIY jewelery board on Pinterest for ideas. If you are low on supplies you just might be able to find some in your own jewelry box.

Not a DIY person? Cents of Style often has great jewelery at low prices.

9. Delicious treats made by you

Got a mom with a sweet tooth. Try out my recipes for peanut butter balls, chocolate truffles chocolate bark and simple chocolate fudge. All four of these recipes are no bake and require just minutes to make.

10. Your time

Most moms will admit that gifts are great and very much appreciated but our favorite thing is time with our kids. Put your cell phone away, be 100% present and engaged with your mother this Mother’s day. Trust me you will never regret time spent together.

Looking for more Thrifty tips? Follow my Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

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  1. I usually get a nice hanging basket for Mother’s Day. It brightens the front of our house all summer long. I have cards and little gifts my kids have made me. Not only are they great for me but my kids like to look at them and remember making them. This is a great list of ideas, thanks!

  2. Love this list. I’ve done number 2 with my kids and husband but never my parents. I will have to do this!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great list! I always like to get flowers for one of my sister-in-laws who is godmother for 2 of my kids. This year, she pointed out to me that the bulbs I get for her keep coming back, and how much she loves that!

  4. I like the coffee date. I was thinking about having our moms over for lunch. Thinking that an evening coffee and dessert date sounds good.

  5. Actually, my mother and I just began a new tradition this year. We celebrate my birthday and mother’s day with a coffee date while my husband watches the kids. This gives her and I some time together, doesn’t cost much, and we exchange mother’s day/birthday cards on the same day.

  6. Great list! This year I want to make my mother a special meal. She is always cooking for other people; this time I want her to sit back and enjoy a meal that she didn’t have to cook for a change.

  7. I love your idea about giving your time. Things are so crazy and busy these days I feel like this is a very thoughtful gift! Thanks for the idea!

  8. These are all great ideas! Books are one of my favorite gifts, no matter what the occassion! 🙂

    • Victoria says:

      Yes, I love a good book on Mother’s day it gives me the perfect excuse to curl up on my porch swing and relax with a good book, after all I want the family to know I appreciated the gift.

  9. Wow – great simple treasures – truly – and the fresh flowers and TIME – those are my favorites! Thanks for sharing this.


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