10 Tips For Staycation Vacation Success


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A staycation is defined by Dictionary.com as “a vacation spent at home or near home, doing enjoyable activities or visiting local attractions”. Recently our family enjoyed a 6 day staycation.

10 tips for a successful staycation vaction How to fill your week with fun instead of chores

By staying near to home, we were able to eliminate the expense of accommodations and hiring a pet sitter for our dog.

We were also able to cut down on the expense of travel and eating out.

These things make Staycations attractive to the thrifty families like ours.

 10 tips for holding a successful staycation

1. Decide How Much You Want To Spend

Decide exactly how much your family can afford or wants to spend on your staycation.

2. Hold A Family Meeting

Knowing your budget restraints find out what family members want to do and where they want to go. Perhaps visit your local visitor center together to get an idea of just what is in your area to see and do.

3. Come Up With A Day By Day Plan Of Events

Don’t plan your days down to the minute, but do have a plan. For instance, our family really wanted time to just chill out at home every day, so we planned just one out of the house activity daily.

I then planned our weekly menu around these events which brings me to….

4. Plan Simple Meals

The last thing the cook in the family wants to do during staycation is spend hours slaving in the kitchen while everyone else is chilling out.

I bought bread instead of baking my own. I bought cookies instead of baking them.

I planned simple lunches like make your own sandwiches and simple dinners like breakfast for dinner.

We also ate out one meal per day which took a lot of the meal preparation pressure off, however if eating out did not fit our budget I would have frozen more meals ahead to allow for more time off.

5. Share The Work Load

Since you are home housework is going to continue as normal. I let some of it slide for a week but other chores that could not wait a week I delegated so that the work load was shared evenly.

6. Relax The Rules

We gave the children an extra hour of screen time a day. They also got to stay up late and sleep in.

7. Save Money Where You Can

I used a Groupon for our skating outing, and email coupons for our trip to chuck-e-cheeses and Fazoli’s. I used a point earned gift card to pay for an afternoon snack at Panera.

We enjoyed a meal of hotdogs and pop from Sam’s Club for less than $10 one night. I bought a round of snacks from a grocery store instead of pulling through drive thru one afternoon.

8. Splurge On The Important Things

Yes do save money where you can but don’t let having to pay full price stop you from visiting a place that is a “really really want to” to a child.

For instance one of my children was begging to try out Skyzone an indoor trampoline place. I knew they often have a groupon for it and watched for months for one but one never came up.

Instead of telling the child no we were not going at full price we saved in other areas using tips shared in the point above so we could splurge on Skyzone at full price.

9. Visit The Unique

The real fun of a staycation is checking out the hidden gems in your area like the nearby ice-cream parlor my hubby and I took a drive out to and enjoyed a one of a kind banana split at.

10. Make Use Of The Driving Time

Unless you live in a big city where all the places you want to visit are just minutes from your door chances are you are going to have travel time each day.

Use this time to start conversations like “What was your favorite thing we did today?”, or listen to a new CD and critique the album (my music loving middle child loves this).

You could also get books on tape from your local library to listen to during your commutes.

Has your family taken a staycation? Any tips to share?

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  1. I have a 2 year old so we recently spent the week-end ‘camping out’ in the livingroom with sleeping bags, homemade tents, flashlights, and smores since it was snowing outside. We use free redbox codes sometimes for movies as a treat. We also use discounted restaraunt gift cards to order take out and bring it home to eat here which is more inexpensive with our own drinks and such.

  2. These are great tips – especially about planning simple meals. I forget to lighten the housework load, and then a staycation just feels like extra work! Your advice is really helpful, and I will be using it as we stay home for most of spring break in a few weeks. Thanks!

  3. Wonderful tips! I think as fuel prices near $5 per gallon this summer, we will be doing more staycations this summer than traveling. You’ve given me some good ideas to make it fun and memorable for my family.

  4. Good tips! We’ll be doing a staycation this summer and getting to know our city, Philly, a whole lot better.

    I love the tip about simplifying your household routine during your staycation. Dh and I would be guilty of trying to get a project done if we didn’t make a commitment not to do it.

    Thanks for linking up at Fabulously Frugal Thursday. Hope to see you next week!


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