10 Ways Thrifty People Use Things Up To The Last Drop


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10 ways thrifty people use things to the last drop

I was making popsicles this week out of the juice from cans of peaches and pears that I used in making peach pear crisp, when I began thinking about all the different ways my family uses things right down to the last drop.

 10 Ways Thrifty People Use Things To  The Last Drop

Homemade popsicles made from the juice of canned fruit1.  Thrifty people use the  fruit juice from canned fruit to make popsicles or flavor their sweet tea

How To Get The Rest Of The BBQ Sauce Out Of The Jar

2. Thrifty people use the last of the BBQ sauce  from the bottle with a vinegar swish and then add it to crock pot BBQ boneless chicken wings.

using the last drop of peanut butter even when it is dry

3. Thrifty people use the last of the natural peanut butter by mixing it with honey and dipping fruit in it.

How to use coconut oil to the last drop

4. Thrifty people use the last of the coconut oil as body lotion.

how to get the very last of drop of lotion out of a container like this (med)

5. Thrifty people cut open thick lotion bottles like those for suntan lotion to make it last one or two more applications.

10 Ways to Use Up Holiday Leftovers (med)

6. Thrifty people get creative with leftovers from holiday dinners.

Strawberry Watermelon lemonade slushy (small)

7. Thrifty people use mushy  watermelon to make slushies.

10 kitchen tools thrifty people own (med)

8. Thrifty people use a spatula to get just one more muffins worth of batter out of the batter bowl.

9. Thrifty people use the  last of the detergent from the detergent bottle by turning it upside down with the lid on tight for a few hours.

10. Thrifty people use the last of the shampoo by putting some water in the bottle and giving it a swish then dumping it out on their wet head.

How does your thrifty family use things to that last drop?

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  1. Love it! I am hate waste, especially when it comes to money. I do most of these tips 🙂
    I use the fruit juice from canned fruit to add to my smoothies or to sweeten oatmeal!

  2. We do many of these things as well, but there were some good ones I never thought of before. For #8, some thrifty people eat that last bit of dough. 😉 Thanks for linking up to Frugal Friday. 🙂

  3. I worked with an old WW2 nurse. She used to place tubes of paste or ointment between door jam and open and close the door to squeeze the tube and get the last bit out. Lol

  4. Love this! I just pulled a container of conditioner out of the trash because it still had stuff in it. I don’t know which child dropped it in, but there was enough left for a few more uses.

    I saw your post featured on Thrifty Thursday. Congratulations!

  5. Lol! Loved it. I’m always trying to be more thrifty but I do all of these so I must be there now! Yay!!!

  6. Great ideas! I hate wasting the last few drops of stuff like soap, shampoo, moisturizer, etc. I have a family member (will not mention any names!) who tends to toss the toothpaste tube when there are still several uses in it. I don’t understand! I showed him how it’s just as easy to use the last few uses of toothpaste as a new tube, but he didn’t seem interested. I said “Fine! I will use it if you won’t” … and I’ve been using it for about a week now! I mean, we wouldn’t thro2 out the last couple of scoops in the coffee can, or the last couple of ounces of milk, would we???

  7. We do alot of these ideas in our house already. To add to #9, after having bottle upside down to get every drop I throw the whole cup in washer to get every last drop.


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