Where To Find Free Magazines That Will Motivate Your Fitness


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I have talked about where I find all of my free magazines before, but today I want to zero in on where I find free magazines that motivate me to keep with my fitness goals and to set new ones.

where to find free magazines that will motivate you in your workouts

I am a multiple sport lover. I love biking, running, swimming, kick fit classes, strength classes, elliptical workouts, spinning classes, and on and on the list goes yet even I can lose my drive to workout regularly now and then.

To kick start my motivation and keep it burning I love reading about people who love to workout too, as well as new types of workouts, new workout gadgets, how to improve my workouts, and new goals I could set.

I read most of this type of information in the form of magazines, such as Runner’s World, Bicycling and Fitness.

Where I get my fitness and sport magazines subscriptions for free

1. mycokerewards.com

I have gotten my subscription to Fitness for years from mycokerewards.com, it is currently 133 points, which really doesn’t take long to earn since 24 packs of coke products are 20 points, 12 packs are 10 points and bottles are 3 points each. If you are not married to an avid coke product drinker like I am Moneysavingmom.com  lists free codes now and then, or you could ask friends who do drink coke products if they use their points and if not would they save them for you.

2. Recyclebank.com

Recycle Bank is where I found Bicycling  magazine for 240 points and Runner’s World for 320 points. I earn most of my points for Recycle Bank by doing their click thru activities that teach you about living green. On average there is at least one activity worth 100 points and several smaller point value activities available each month so earning magazine subscriptions doesn’t take long.

What are some of your favorite fitness oriented magazines?

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