10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero: Date Night Ideas That Fit Tight Budgets


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My  10 Summer Dates That Cost Zero was pretty popular but the leaves are changing and so it is time to start thinking about ways my husband and I can continue our free dates now that it is fall. Which is why I took the time to brainstorm this list of 10 fall date ideas that cost zero.

10 fall dates that cost zero: because every couple deserves date night regardless of their budget!

10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero

1. Get out there and enjoy the fall colors

Take a walk down a wooded path together and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.

2. Dream and plan for the upcoming Christmas season together

Curl up on the couch after the children are in bed and write out Christmas wishlists and bucket lists together because you know that Christmas will be here soon enough and it is never too early to prepare well. Make sure your bucket list includes plenty of activities for just the two of you.

10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero: Date Night Ideas That Fit Tight Budgets

3. Do Some Pumpkin Baking

Cruise Pinterest together for a new pumpkin recipe and then try it out together while the little one’s nap or the teenagers are out with friends. (yes this will cost ingredients but I am guessing you could fit those into your grocery budget) .

Check out my Pumpkin Baking Pinterest board for ideas. It currently has over 70 pumpkin recipes and that number is sure to grow as fall progresses.

4. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

Bundle up and watch the sunrise or sunset together with a cup of hot apple cider or homemade pumpkin lattes in your hand.

10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero: Date Night Ideas That Fit Tight Budgets

5. Enjoy the fun fall provides

Rake the leaves together, and then start a leaf throwing fight. Yes, you will have to rake them all over again but trust me it is fun.

6. Have movie night at home

Us a free DVD Redbox code to grab a movie ( the site Money Saving Mom lists them when available) or borrow one from the local library. Get the kids to bed early and then snuggle up on the couch together and enjoy the show.

10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero: Date Night Ideas That Fit Tight Budgets

7. Enjoy a backyard campfire

If your neighborhood regulations allow light a campfire in the backyard and sit side by side talking and enjoying the warmth and beauty of the fire.

If you have the ingredients on hand you can try making chocolate chip cookie smores – and make your date even sweeter!

8. Go on an ugly fall sweater hunt

Go to your favorite thrift store and see who can find the ugliest fall themed sweater. Snap pictures of you together in them post it on Instagram and load it to Facebook and ask your friends to vote who found the ugliest one.

10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero: Date Night Ideas That Fit Tight Budgets

9. Attend a local free fall festival together

Our town has a covered bridge festival, and at least 2 other festivals I can think of in the fall that would make great free date nights.

10. Cash in your point program rewards and enjoy a night out

Sometimes it is nice to enjoy a meal out or a couple of fancy coffees and a dessert together. If you are on a tight budget point programs are a great way to earn gift cards for just those types of nights. Swagbucks is my favorite and it is possible to earn enough Swagbucks each month to pay for a dinner for two. There are a lot of other great point programs out there too,  here is a list of my 18 favorites.

For more great free and inexpensive date ideas check out the book $10 Great Dates: Connecting Love, Marriage, and Fun on a Budget

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  1. I love no-cost activity ideas. Great list you have here! Stopping by from the mom-2-mom link party!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love these ideas! My husband and I just spent the weekend in the upper peninsula of Michigan enjoying the beautiful fall colors. Another free activity we have tried together is geocaching. It was lots of fun and we didn’t spend a penny!

  3. Great ideas! We’ve been trying to think of some more frugal date ideas in this season of tightening the belt (in more ways than one haha) and this is a great list to get us started.

    Featuring this post on the Mom 2 Mom Link-Up this coming Monday. thanks!

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