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I have just recently started using the ibotta app and I must say I really like it. My only disappointment with it is that I downloaded it months ago and only got around to using it in the last month. I could have been saving so much more money…or really earning.. since ibotta is a coupon app that pays you using it.

At $2 of redeemed offers you can cash out for a Redbox movie rental. For $5 of redeemed  offers you can cash out for either a $5 Starbucks card, or have $5 transferred to your Paypal account or Venmo account. For $10 worth of redeemed offers you can cash out for either a $10 Regal Entertainment Group gift card or a $10 iTunes gift card.

a step by step guide on how to use ibotta

How To Use Your Ibotta Account

I want to make it clear first that you don’t need a smartphone to use ibotta. You just need a device that you can download the app to and that has a camera that the app can access. I use my iPod.

1. To start your account with $2 click through link and sign up online

Ibotta offers a great sign up bonus, you get $2 if you sign up through a referral link (those words in blue contain mine/offer could change at anytime) . To get your  two dollars  you have to click through a referral link online and sign up for the app right there. After you sign up then you can download the app. Once you have the app downloaded you have 10 days to redeem an offer. You must redeem an offer within 10 days of signing up to receive the $2 bonus.

how to use the ibbota app

This is what your rebate screen should look like. It should show you all the areas you can pick your rebates from.

2. Pick what type of rebate you want

At the bottom of the app screen you will see a lock sign with the words rebates underneath there you can choose what sort of rebate you want to use.

What I love about the ibotta app is that the rebates are not just for food, they are also for movie tickets, restaurants and electronics. For this tutorial I pressed the “Movie Theaters” tab.

pick the store3. Pick the Store/ Restaurant/ Movie theater in your area

There are currently 12 different grocery stores, 1 electronics store, 3 restaurants, 1 health and beauty store, 1 pet store, 1 home improvement store, 2 children’s stores, and 3 different movie theater chains you can pick from.

For this tutorial I picked the “AMC Box Office” tab since that is the movie theater in our town.

pick the product4. Pick the item you want a rebate for

Some weeks there is nothing I want to do a rebate for but the selection changes often so I look before I do my weekly shopping. Just recently my son was going to the movie Captain America with his friends so I picked out that rebate.

complete all tasks

5. After you pick an item you want a rebate on complete the tasks

Once you are on the rebate screen for a particular item you will see circles underneath the item full of various tasks with pink boxes with a lock sign underneath and a price listed beside it. Press on these and do the tasks. This will unlock the rebate so that you can claim it after you purchase the item.

6. Go and purchase the item

Now you can head to the store you picked, or restaurant or movie theater, and purchase the item(s)  that you picked to receive a rebate on. Make sure to keep the receipt so that you can claim your rebate.

verify items7. Verify your rebate

This is a simple process. Click on the redeem circle with a check mark in it found at the bottom of the screen. Your rebate should be there waiting for you to verify. Press verify and once you have doubled checked that you did in fact buy a qualifying item click on the verify circle.

follow the instructions of how to take the photo8. Take photo of your receipt and submit

Once you verify your purchase the submit photo box will become available to use. Press on it and follow the instructions. For a movie stub it was easy, I just had to take one photo. For a grocery purchase you may have to take several photos of the receipt starting at the beginning and going until the end, making sure you get all lines of the receipt.

wait for your rebate

9. Wait up to 24 hours to receive your rebate

Sometimes I have waited hours for a rebate other  times I have just waited minutes, but the ibotta app clearly states it could take up to 24 hours to receive a rebate.

10. Repeat

Repeat the process again and again and watch your rewards pile up. Cash out begins at $2 for a redbox code, but considering a Redbox DVD is less than $2 I would suggest saving up until you have at least $5 in rebates.

cash out11. Cash Your Rebates in for cash

As I mentioned before ibotta offers a few options for payment, you can get a deposit straight into your Paypal or venmo account, or you could choose a gift card for Starbucks, Regal Entertainment Group, Redbox Movie rental or iTunes.

Sure you won’t be able to pay your bills with ibotta, but you will be able to use a device you already own to earn a bit more cash, and small streams can add up.

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  1. Can you give more information on the type of tasks you have to do? Do you have to promote it on Facebook, things like that?


    • Victoria says:

      You don’t have to promote it on Facebook, although they do run referral bonuses, which will certainly add to your earnings. Mostly it is a rebate program where you just submit receipts for the qualifying items you buy. They offer rebates on milk, DVD’s, movies, dishes, water bottles, food and a lot more. The offers change frequently so you need to look through the rebate section regularly.

    • Victoria says:

      Now that I have been up a while it hit me, you mean what you have to do to unlock the savings! Yes I have been asked to share something to Facebook, but most times it is a short video to watch or a survey to fill out. Hope that helps.

  2. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    I LOVE ibotta! I have been using it for about 6 months and I have earned $75.50!

    I would be very happy if it learned the types of things I buy and tailor the rebates a bit more. They get copies of people’s receipts…I would think they could really track the most popular things that people buy. Some of the stuff is totally irrelevant and you can only delete 4 rebates out of your list per day. When they reset the offers the ones you deleted come back! All in all it’s awesome…I combine its use with Jingit, Checkout51 and ReceiptHog to get a lot of bang for my purchases!

    • I agree with you, it should be more tailored to what people buy. I do like it, I find it easy to use. I am wondering though, if you can only use each coupon once. I bought bread and bananas, I used the coupon/rebate, but couldn’t find it for the next transaction

  3. iBotta is great! I used to travel all over the U.S. and they had options for stores everywhere. It was fantastic. The only problem is occasionally I’d be tempted to pick up something I didn’t really need when it popped up on there… mostly though, it’s terrific and it’s got things you really need like milk and eggs.

  4. I’ve never heard of iBotta before. I’ll have to bookmark this page and try it out! Thank you for sharing step by step directions. Much appreciated. 🙂

  5. Cathy Yutko says:

    It sounds great but I don’t find it very easy. There’s a lot of steps involved and it seems very timd consuming. I tried using it on WalMart purchases. I followed all the steps but I was not successful and it was frustrating. I tried several times to scan the barcodes, etc., and follow the steps but no luck.

  6. Zoey Miller says:

    Hi Cathy,

    When I first started using Ibotta, I too found it difficult. However, you can email and they can provide you with assistance on scanning items. In my case, I was leaving other apps open while attempting to use Ibotta, so it was slowing down the performance of the app.

  7. Fun to read since I finally signed up about a week ago. I redeemed my first item (bread). Now it seems like the bonus is 50 cents if you redeem your first offer within ten days. I’m looking forward to using it more!

  8. I am new to Ibotta and my iphone! Do I have to “log out” of the Ibotta app when I am done so that I don’t use up my data (if I’m not on Wi-Fi)? I know with Facebook I have to scroll down to the bottom and log out before I close the FB app. Does Ibotta work the same way? I can’t find a place to log out!

    • Victoria says:

      If you don’t want to use data when you are not in a Wi-Fi area you can simply go into your iphone settings and and change the “cellular” to off that way you data won’t come on in an non-Wi-Fi area unless you actually put it on. The other thing you can do is go into Notifications (also found in settings) and turn them all off for all your apps, that way the apps won’t send you updates, you will just have to go in and manually check them, which would also save you data if you should turn it on. Hope that helps.

  9. The Rev says:

    Please tell me why this app requires access to my contact list and my pictures and so many other things on my phone that have NOTHING at all to do with shopping or eating out?!?!?!?!

    • Victoria says:

      I don’t remember being asked about these things, but I did sign up around a year ago. I used an iPod to sign up so it wouldn’t of had contacts. The picture part is because you are going to use your camera to upload the receipts so it needs access to it.

      • I can kind of understand the part that you said about the pictures but, it’s telling me that it needs access to my external storage. Not the pictures on the internal DCIM storage where any pictures, that the camera takes, are saved.
        It’s also telling me that it requires access to Device ID and Call Information…in particular it wants access to “whether a call is active and the remote number connected by that call.”
        I don’t know. I’ll do some research and try to acretain why it needs access to these things and I’ll let you know if I find any answers. In the meantime, I don’t believe I’ll be installing this.

  10. I started using Ibotta, along with several other grocery/rebate apps about 3 weeks ago. I am testing them all out for a month to see which ones work best for me and my family. I LOVE Ibotta so far! I have referred some family and friends too, and gotten referral bonuses ($5 each, not too shabby). And it’s fun because you can build a team and help each other earn more. And now you can link your loyalty cards and unlock your rebates before you shop and it automatically finds the matches and pays you without having to scan the barcode or take a pic of the receipt! Works for me! Hope that helps someone! Have a great day!

  11. Can you purchase item’s online from the specific store and claim on IBOTTA?

  12. msspeaking says:

    I just signed up for Ibotta with my ipad mini. Got .50 cents right away for any receipt. Can I even use Ibotta without an iphone. I don’t think I can scan but I can take picture.

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