What Thrifty People Do With Free Samples And Where They Find Them


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I have an entire shelf of our storage closet devoted to free samples. Free dental samples, free beauty samples, free shampoo samples, free detergent samples, misc,  are what the bins that line the shelf read.

what thrifty people do with free samples and where they find them


What Do Thrifty People Do With Free Samples And Where Do They Find Them?

What to do with free samples

1. Send them with the kids to summer camp or sleepovers

As any mom who has been a mom of a child old enough to spend a night or two away knows not everything you send them with comes home, which is why I love sending my child with free samples of shampoo,  deodorant, body wash and even sunscreen if I can nab a free sample of it.

2. Bring them camping

When we are camping we tend to use the shower houses at the camp sites, I love it when I can give each of my children a different free sample of shampoo and body wash and send them all off to the shower houses to use separate shower stalls without having to worry about having enough shampoo and body wash bottles to go around.

3. Keep them in the glove box

The “unmentionable” samples are a favorite of mine to slip into my glove box to use when needed.

coupons from samples

4. Use the high value coupons inside them to save further cash

Most samples come with a coupon worth at least $1 off the item. These high value coupons really help stretch our grocery budget.

5. Supply our friends with products they love and coupons too

See the Keurig sample in the picture, it isn’t for me, I don’t even own a Keurig. The sample is for a friend who does own one and is always thrilled when I give her my Keurig samples, as well as the coupons inside them.

6. Take them on vacation

Most places we stay on vacation supply all the shampoo and soap we need but they don’t provide laundry soap. I love doing a load every day even when we are on vacation so that we don’t come home with an overwhelming pile of dirty laundry.  I save up the free samples of laundry soap to stick in our vacation totes just for this purpose.

7. Make them part of a gift basket

We have a very tight Christmas budget and samples help me stretch it so that I can include gifts for our closest friends.Every year I give at least one clearance found mug full of  free coffee samples and free travel sized beauty samples to a friend. I usually try to add a gift card earned from one of my favorite point programs as well.

8. Decrease oh I forgot….runs to the stores

Since I tend to save my samples for all the above reasons the stash comes in handy when I step into the shower and realize the children have used half a bottle of shampoo in a matter of days and now we are completely out and grocery shopping day is still days away. Instead of having to run to the store when this happens, I simply run to our sample stash.

Where Thrifty People Find Free Samples

1. Moneysavingmom.com

Money Saving mom is my favorite source of free samples. Crystal’s team always puts up great samples of items that I know we will use as they become available. The site also has a weekly list of free samples.

2. Facebook pages

Companies such as Bath and Body Works often offer either coupons free samples you can pick up in store, or free samples sent by mail.

3. PINCHme

PINCHme is a website that sends out generous sized free samples. Once you sign up they notify you by email when the next round of samples is available they go fast, so mach sure to sign up as soon as you get the email.

4. Freebies 4 Mom

Freebies 4 Mom is another great website that lists free samples as they become available.

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  1. Just to add to the list, but I collect my free samples and donate some of them to homeless shelters. Those small sizes are perfect for the often used communal facilities and are easy for them to carry with them.

    • Victoria says:

      Great idea! Thanks for the tip. That is an excellent way to give even when you are on a tight budget.

  2. Donation and gift baskets are my fave sample uses. Thanks for this great post and for linking up on Saver Tips Tuesday!

  3. Here is another site with free samples of everything – http://4free-heaven.blogspot.com/

  4. This is a great post! I love receiving samples in the mail. I also try to shop at Ulta when the big cosmetic bags of freebies are being offered. Thanks for the referal to Freebies 4 Mom; I’ll have to check out the site!

  5. Great ideas for what to do with free samples! My favorite freebie sites are: http://FantasticFreebies.net for all kinds of free stuff and http://Freebies-For-Baby.com that’s geared completely toward free stuff for new and pregnant moms. 🙂

  6. Awesome ideas, particularly saving them for gift baskets and using them for vacation! How would you recommend storing samples? I’ve been getting so many that I’ve been haphazardly tossing them in drawers and sometimes forgetting to use them!

    • Victoria says:

      I had a small shelf in my pantry which as a few plastic containers sitting on it labeled, shampoo samples, body wash and lotion samples, and misc. samples. This system seems to work pretty well for our family.

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