6 Apps That Will Help You Save Money At The Grocery Store


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It seems to me that paper grocery coupons are slowly being replaced by coupons apps.

6 Apps that will help you save money at the grocery store

Personally, I really love this new trend from paper grocery coupons to coupon apps as the apps are so simple to use.

With apps there’s no more clipping coupons, no more figuring out how to best store and organize them, and no more forgetting coupons at home. Some of the apps I use don’t even require me to do anything but upload a receipt when I get home.

6 Apps That Will Help You Save Money At The Grocery Store


Ibotta is a rebate app that pays out in gift cards or by Paypal deposit. It is a store exclusive app–meaning it can only be used at certain stores–but the list of stores seems to grow every week.

Since I wrote my step by step guide to Ibotta the app has added even more features, including a new shopping list area. You write your list and they find the rebates for you.

*Go here to sign up for Ibotta

2. Checkout 51

What I like about Checkout 51 is that it isn’t store specific, meaning you can use it wherever you shop–including ALDI. Checkout 51 also has rebates for basic foods like bread, milk, fruits, and veggies that are not brand specific.

*Go here to sign up for Checkout 51

3. BerryCart

If you buy organics, eat gluten free, or purchase a fair amount of natural products, then you are going to like BerryCart. They currently have a $1 cash back on Amazon orders of $50 or more and I have seen them have other Amazon cash back deals from time to time as well (most times it doesn’t matter what you purchase at Amazon in order to get cash back; read full details inside the app).

*Go here to sign up for BerryCart.

4.Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward offers points when you buy one or more products made by a brand on their list of over 150. Simply scan your receipt and the fetch your reward. Enter my referral code RE9U and receiver 1500 points when you complete one receipt.

5. Shopkick

Shopkick is a little bit different than a coupon app. Instead of giving you cash back on items, it gives you points for signing into the app when you enter certain stores or for scanning products as you shop and answering questions about them. You can cash out your points for gift cards to places like Target and Starbucks. They have a long list of stores that they work with and I am really excited that they recently added ALDI.

*Go here to sign up for Shopkick

6. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog pays you in coins for uploading you grocery receipts. It also works for non-grocery stores–although for them you get spins instead of points, but I do tend to win at least a few points each time I spin. There is a list in the app of the different stores you can enter receipts from. They pay in deposits to Paypal or gift cards to Amazon. (use code YECT1667 when signing up for Receipt Hog and start your account with 5 spins)

*Go here to sign up for Receipt Hog

What are your favorite apps for saving money at the grocery store?

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  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    ReceiptPal is a new one. Like receipthog you scan your receipts but every 4 receipts gives you 100 points. They take not just grocery receipts, but restaurants (awesome if you’re paying the bill with a gift card you earned!!!), department stores and if you forward your online shopping receipts they accept those too! You then can cash in for gift cards or PayPal even in small increments.
    This also a place where you can see copies of your receipts any time. So you have them saved. Pretty cool!

  2. Barbara Kiphart says:

    Thank you Victoria for all the info you are providing to people like me who are new to this whole process of point programs. I’m retired, 72, and on fixed income so I’m going to do my best to try out several of these apps. My question is if you use some of the same type apps like “Receipt Hog” and “ReceiptPal” could you use the same receipts to turn in for both apps? I don’t want to break rules but I figured if they were different marketing companies they are just seeking similar information. Thank you again for all your help and I’ll use your referrals to get started. Barbara

    • Yes you can turn in the same receipt to different companies. I for instance have claimed a cashback from checkout 51 and then submitted my receipt to Receipt Hog. And thanks so much for your kind words abut my site! I love hearing that what I am sharing is helping others.

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