Frugal Valentine Series


frugal valentine seriesKeeping romance alive in a marriage does not have to be expensive; in fact it doesn’t even have to cost a dime.

Join me for the next 6 days as I share different ways to frugally love on your hubby, and not just on valentines day, these tips can be used all year long to keep the fires of romance burning in your relationship.

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Day 1: 10 Dates Thrifty People  Take

You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy some one on one time together.

Day 2: Play A Game Of Hide and Seek Valentine’s Style

This is a game that went on between my husband and I for months.

Day 3: 10 Ways Thrifty People Dinner Date

My husband and I often enjoy great meals out together and we rarely spend more than $30 with tip; in fact most times we spend much less.

Day 4 Post It Love

A one dollar stack of post it notes can make for some great romance.

Day 5 6  Simple Sweets To Make Your Sweetie For Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate for valentines day?

Day 6  Frugal Love Tips From Around The Web

Great ideas I found around the web for celebrating valentines for less.

Do you have any frugal valentine tips? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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