Using It Up To The Last Drop: Coconut Oil


How to use coconut oil to the last drop

I was reading an article by Tsh on her site Simple Mom  in which she stated she uses plain coconut oil on her skin. Her statement caused a light bulb moment for me on what to do with the the last of the coconut oil left on the sides of the measuring cup or the spoon when I cook or even the last of it in the jar itself.

Using coconut oil as a moisturizer something I had not thought of before. I use coconut oil in cooking and always felt bad wasting the oil that got stuck to the sides of the measuring cup.

coconut oil rub

Now when I am baking with coconut oil I set aside the cup used to measure the oil and when I am done cooking I take a moment to rub the remains from the sides of the cup on the driest parts of my skin. My elbows, my knees, my hands and my feet. If some remains my arms and my legs even get a in on the moisturizing treat.

I keep a rag handy as I moisturize to dab up what my skin does not absorb and then go back to my day. It is like a little spa treatment after a baking session.

When the jar itself is too empty to scrape out anymore for cooking I place it in a different cupboard for the family to use on their skin as needed.

 What is your favorite use it up to the last drop tip?

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DIY Lavender coconut body cream (small)

I love using coconut oil to moisturize my skin so much that I created a Lavender scented body cream made from it.

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  1. You can try oil pulling. It’s an ancient natural detox method.

  2. Diane Williams says:

    I do this, too. I remember the day it dawned on me – I had greased a baking pan with coconut oil and used my fingers to spread it. I just remember thinking, “Oh yeah, this is good for my skin.” Now I rub it in every time I use it….

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