10 Fabulous Stocking Stuffers For Teenagers That Won’t Break The Bank


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When my children were little is seemed so easy to fill their stocking for under $10 each. Now that they are older, I find myself getting very creative in order to keep to the budget we set for their Christmas stockings for that year and still have fun things the children like in their sock.

Ten great ideas for inexpensive Christmas stocking stuffers for teens

10 Fabulous Stocking Stuffers For Teenagers That Won’t Break The Bank

1. Purchase Items From Hollar

Hollar is what I would call a online variety store with items starting at $1. I recently got Revlon nail polish is a shade my teenage daughter can’t seem to keep her hands off of for just $2. They also sell Christmas stocking classics like toothbrushes and socks starting at $1. Shipping on your first order is free with a $10 minimum purchase.

2. Point earned gift card codes

Save up your Swagbucks and cash them in for Amazon, Starbucks or Itunes e-codes.  Print these e-codes out onto card stock to make them look more official. You could also use the points from all these companies  yourself to purchase products to fill the sock with if you prefer. (psst… here is a list of 18+ other places where you can earn gift cards and more)

inspire-psalms-from-tyndale-rewardsI recently got the title above, Inspire Psalms with Tyndale Reward points

3. Books and bibles purchased with Tyndale Reward points

Tyndale Rewards has great assortment of bibles that would make awesome stocking stuffers for teens and pre-teens. They also have a small assortment of books that might interest children of this age group. A new member can easily earn a free book by completing just a few simple tasks.

4. Card games bought combining sales and coupons

I have gotten several great card games for my daughter’s stocking for less than a dollar each combining a sale and a coupon. I find out about these deals by following Crystal’s blog Money Saving Mom.


5. Create DIY craft kits using what you have on hand

Girls in this age group love creating crafts. Things like hair accessories and jewelery can often be made from odds and ends found in mom’s craft room or dad’s workshop. Check out my headband & hair accessories board and DIY jewelery board on Pinterest for ideas. Bag the kit up using this neat way of making a ziplock bag look special.

6. Theater sized boxed candy from the dollar store

For just $1 the theater sized boxed candy available in many different varieties takes up a lot of room in a stocking meaning you don’t have to buy much to make it appear full.


7. Homemade coupons for Apps or song downloads

My one son loves playing games on his iPod. For his stocking last year I included a few homemade coupons that said “good for one app $1.99 or less” . (psst…Hollar has digital movie downloads starting at $2)

8. Homemade coupons for Redbox game rentals

Both my sons love playing video games. I make them pay for their own rentals, so a homemade coupon that states “good for one game rental” is a great gift for them.



9.  Search Big Lots for electronic accessories

I have included $3 iPod charges, and $5 iPod cases in stockings before that came from Big Lots  (they also have ones for smartphones as well). And of course what teenager isn’t in need of a pair of earbuds and Big Lots generally has several under $5 options. (psst…hollar also carries earbuds starting at $2 a pair)

10. Scan the aisles at Dollar Tree

When my children were little the Dollar Tree was my favorite place for stocking stuffers for all three of them. Now that they are older I still find great stuff like art supplies for my daughter, but not as much for my sons. However this year one son is showing interest in rebuilding our old computer and asked for a few screwdrivers for Christmas. I am going to scan the aisles at Dollar tree for these and put them in his stocking.

What are you favorite thrifty things to put in a pre-teen or teenagers stocking?

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  1. I love the theater candy idea! I was thinking of just doing a big movie basket for my 10 and 11 year old nephews!!

  2. Excellent ideas! I usually don’t do much for stockings because the price adds up so quickly. But with these ideas, the kids can have lots of goodies to sort through on Christmas morning. Thanks!

    • Yes without a firm plan stocking stuffers can get so expensive. I go for big and cheap–which is why the dollar store theater candy is one of my favorites it takes up a lot of room.

  3. Thanks for the great ideas, I will be using a few of them. Also, I have an acct with Tyndale Rewards and I can’t figure out how to get the great books you are earning like the one in this post. Could you tell me what I might be missing? I always look forward to reading your blog.

    • Thanks for your kind words about my blog! I always appreciate them. Often the best offerings from Tyndale Rewards are the “Featured Products” found on the home page of the site. You can find out what they will offer next and when in the sidebar area of the homepage as well. Hope that helps.

  4. here in NZ christmas is summer time –something that always went into the stocking was concession tickets for free swims at the local swimming pool, jandals sunblock new themed towel and anything else that might be needed for a great day at the pools with her friends –Father Xmas is good like that

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