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On Tuesdays I share a picture from our week that inspired me to write a post.

Mid week I got an order from Amazon that included springs for our trampoline and blender parts for my favorite blender.

Save Money By Purchasing Replacement Parts For Many Common Household Items On Amazon

I couldn’t help but think how much money Amazon has saved us  the last few years through replacement parts we can find there that we can’t find in the stores in our town.

3 items that were saved from the landfill or recycling bin thanks to Amazon Replacement Parts

my blender1. My Oster Beehive Blender

I love my Oster Beehive blender for its glass jar.  It is very rare it seems these days to find a blender with a glass jug, and I really prefer glass to plastic. The Beehive blender is also very powerful, you do have to make sure that the liquid part of your shakes is at the bottom to help get it started but once it gets to grinding it does a great job, and cleans up well.

About a month ago the lid to my blender disappeared, I am pretty sure the child who dries the dishes put it in the recycling bin as he has been known to do this before with a few more or my kitchen items. Without a lid a blender is useless. I tried a plate or two as a thrifty fix but none formed a great seal and that was messy.

A new Beehive blender would have been $40 from the cheapest source on line I found

A replacement pack of parts was $10.97

I saved $29.03 and I have replacement parts for the other parts of the blender that might get broken or lost by the same boy who lost the lid.

trampoline2. Our Trampoline

We bought a trampoline from Aldi’s last spring as part of our make the backyard fun for our now older children makeover. Being new trampoline owners who never grew up with one we didn’t realize what heavy winter snowfall mixed with ice could do to a trampoline. By spring we were enlightened to the fact that it is a good idea to put the canvas of your trampoline away each winter because snow load stretches it and the springs holding it.

We were able to fix it (although it is not as bouncy as it once was but bounce enough to be fun) with trampoline springs from Amazon.

Cost of a new trampoline:  $209.00 (we paid $199 at Aldi last spring but they don’t have that trampoline this year but this one on Amazon is a close replacement in size and quality)

Cost of replacement springs: $17.04 per set and we need 3 so $51.12

We saved $157.88 and learned a valuable yet expensive lesson!

my ipod3. My iPod

Although I  finally caved and got a smartphone a few months ago, when my current dumbphone died, Tracfone the company we find to be the most economical in our area does not offer iPhones and I am hooked on apple products. My LG phone does what it needs to do, takes great pictures, and works pretty fast but….well…it just is not an apple product. I don’t like that I have to press 2 different buttons to see updates, where as my iPod screen lights up automatically whenever I get a Facebook message or an email or a textfree message. I also can type twice as fast on my iPod and like the notepad app way better.  I  really still have a 2 piece smartphone it just now takes better pictures, and I can access WiFi using data whenever I want, plus when I want to be completely off work, I leave my iPod behind, as I didn’t load blog relate apps to my smartphone.

Unfortunately my  4th generation iPod battery life is right around one hour . My son keeps telling me I should just update to an iPod 5 but since I have a smartphone my thrifty self is having problems justifying it.

To keep it going on the go I discovered portable battery chargers and LOVE THEM.

Cost of a new iPod: $262  for a 5th generation

Cost of a battery charger: $16.99 (sale price)

I saved: $245.01

By looking for options to fix items so that they last longer our family has saved $431.92 on these three items alone. Not only did we save money but we also avoided shipping things off to the landfill or recycling bin (not that recycling is bad, reusing or renewing is just better).

Have you ever saved money buying replacement parts on Amazon instead of re-buying the item?

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  1. We love Amazon for so many things. I bet your husband could replace the battery in your iPod. My husband changed the battery in my iPhone last year in about fifteen minutes and then it was as good as new. We watched a couple you tube videos and found directions online. I think the battery was only like 9 or 10 dollars and you can get them from Amazon.

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