The Secret To An Abundant Life For Less Money


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If I had to narrow all my thrifty tips down to just one ULTIMATE thrifty tip that would help people live an abundant live for less money, it would be this: become a lifelong learner.

The secret to an abundant life for less money.

I think it would be hard to find one person out there successfully living a thrifty life that is full of abundance who doesn’t pursue lifelong learning. After all, you can’t improve your financial life doing the same thing you have always done, you can only improve it through change and change requires learning.

Now of course, some aspects of an abundant life are entirely free, but even those can be improved upon by learning more.

How Pursuing Lifelong Learning Will Help You Live An Abundant Life For Less Money

1. You Become Better at Budgeting

Budgeting sounds simple. After all, it is simply a matter of making sure you don’t spend more than you earn. However, it is a lot harder than it sounds. How do you budget when you don’t earn the same amount of money each month? How do you budget for expenses that don’t happen on a regular basis? What about emergencies? How much should you put aside for them?

Then there is that eye-opening moment when you start tracking your spending for the first time and realize, “Oh, my word! We are spending half our monthly income on food!” And you start to wonder just how you can scale that number down. How can you obtain healthy food for less money? Can you spend less than you are now on clothing and still look just as put together?

These questions can all be answered by having an “I can learn this” attitude and diving into books and courses written by people who have been there and done that and are now sharing with the world what they have learned so you can learn it faster than they did. (psst… The Ultimate Homemakers bundle has over $50 worth of books on budgeting )

2. You Become Better at Attacking DIY Projects

The biggest way to save a substantial amount of money in pretty much any area of your budget is to learn to do things yourself.

The simplest do it yourself project to tackle is avoiding pricey processed foods and take out dinners by making your own. By gathering a simple collection of recipes that you family loves you will save money and really not spend much more time than you do now on food prep and take out meals.

3. You Become a Better Organizer

Thrifty people know that when you mange your time well you have more time for pursuing thrifty pursuits like making food from scratch or DIY home renovations. Thrifty people also know that that when you live in an organized home you waste less time looking for things and therefore have more time to do things.

4. You Become An Entrepreneur

The biggest economical truth a thrifty person knows is that you can only be so thrifty. If you really want a full life, sometimes you have to increase the size of your shovel to be able to afford it. This doesn’t mean you have to find 3 part-time jobs to work around your full-time job. Instead you look for flexible ways to increase your income from home. Jobs that keep you in control of the hours and the pay.

5. You Become a Believer in Self Care

Thrifty people know that in order to live a full life for less money you have to take care of your most valuable asset–YOU!

If you are not in your top form, you cannot do all that you are possible of doing to improve your life financially.

To live a full life you must be well rested and that requires learning what it takes to make that happen.

What thrifty people study over the course of their lives will vary from thrifty person to thrifty person–after all, everyone is unique. But these 5 broad categories above will be studied and mastered by most thrifty people in order to live full abundant lives for less money than you might think.



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