How To Use Up Lotions In Squeeze Bottles To The Last Drop


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I practice thrifty tips, I use coupons, I thought I was a good example of a frugal queen. Then one morning as I am running on the treadmill at the gym, I saw another frugal queen on TV sharing tips on saving money. I immediately pulled out  my headphones, I was using to listen to my favorite workout tunes  and started listening. Would this queen of frugality  teach me something new?

How to get the very last drop of lotion out of a container like this

She did. With an empty container of moisturizer in one hand and a pair of sharp kitchen scissors in the other she proceeded to cut down the sides of the container and show all the viewers the days worth of product they were throwing away.

supplies used to get the last drop out the container

I was hooked. I couldn’t  barely wait until my suntan lotion got empty enough to try her trick.

cutting a lotion bottle open to get the last drop outWhat I discovered was you need a very sharp pair of scissors to snip into one of these types of containers I used kitchen scissors that are super sharp. First I cut into the top layer and then cut it toward the left and then towards the right of the container.

You won't believe how much product I found in this bottle when I cut it openThen I cut it all the way down the bottle and to again to the sides at the bottom.

The wasted lotion I foundI used a spoon to scoop out the remaining lotion I found inside. There was at least 3 to 4 tablespoons full. The Dolphin Organics Naturals brand of sunscreen goes a very far way so this is enough for several more applications.

This idea works for moisturizer, foundation, face cleanser,  and suntan lotion basically any product that is thick and creamy in nature.

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  1. Great idea! I might need to keep some scissors upstairs near my bathroom so that it is convenient to do it when I need to, otherwise I might never get around to it.

  2. Spotted your comment over at Blogging With Amy and thought I’d stop by for a visit.
    It is amazing how much we throw away! I’m still learning from watching how my mother in law does her ‘housekeeping’ – she’s 95 and went through the Great Depression. I’m also trying to teach myself the fine art of ‘worm farming’ this winter so I’ll have some ‘black gold’ to add to my garden and flower beds in the Spring. There’s more than one way to ‘stretch a buck’ LOL

    Happy Blogging : D

  3. I always cut off the end of my tubes, especially toothpaste, and continue to use the rest of the products. Read in a Heloise column to cut lotion bottles with a serrated knife to get to the bottom of them ( the pump kind that always leave a lot at the bottom). This past year I used a lip brush to get to the rest of my lipsticks but just recently I scraped one out and melted the lipstick with petroleum jelly to make a lip gloss. It is AMAZING how much product there is to utilize when you start to look at all your tubes and bottles! Thanks for this tip.

  4. My 5 1/2yo and I just had this conversation about toothpaste a few nights ago 🙂

  5. This is what I do with my toothpaste and makeup! Great idea! Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday 🙂

  6. That’s great! I love the idea but especially your attitude about learning something new. It’s amazing the things that I’ve never thought of, even though I consider myself to be thrifty!

    Thanks for sharing with us at Thrifty Thursday!

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