The Top 10 Ways Homemakers Can Save Money


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There are millions ways for homemakers to save money but today I am going to concentrate on the top tip to save money in 10 different areas of your household expenses.

The top 10 ways homemakers can save money: these tips really add up.

If you are new at saving money just doing one thing in each area of your household budget to save money will have a snowball effect that will dramatically lower your bills for month to month. To get you started in your saving money efforts I thought long and hard about what one thing saves me money in 10 different areas of our home finances.

10 Ways Homemakers Can Save Money In 10 Areas Of Their Household Budget

1. Groceries

My number one tip for saving money on groceries is create a method for comparing prices, so that you know the lowest prices of the top 20 items you buy over and over. This will dramatically lower your grocery budget. You can do this by making a price book, or a spread sheet or save it in your notes app on you smartphone.

2. Clothing

Want to know about all the upcoming sales at your families favorite clothing stores? Sign up for their emails. Yes you do end up deleting email but I find it worth those few seconds as I am first to find out when our families favorite clothing stores are having their big end of season clearance sales and often receive a promo code to use online to further reduce cost or a printable coupon to use in store.

3. Cell Phone Bills

I currently pay just $17.46 a month for my iPhone, and that includes all taxes and fees. My son and husband pay $10 a month for older android based smartphones.  That is $37.46 total for all  3 phones. How do we keep our bills so low? Pay as you go plans. If you like newer smartphones like I do, then sign up for Ting. You can have pretty much any phone you want through Ting as long as it can work in the CDMA or GSM network (see the Ting website for full information). If  you are fine with an older phone and don’t use much data or text that often then Tracfone might be even cheaper for you.

4. Eating Out

It is true that avoiding eating out all together is going to save you the most money in this area but I don’t think that is realistic for all families. Instead what has worked best for us is to set a weekly budget for eating out and put it in the form of cash in our cash envelopes each week.  When the money in the envelope is gone we don’t eat out.

Our budget covers one fast food  meal for the entire family each week. If we want to eat at a sit down and be served style restaurant then we save up and don’t eat out for a week or two.

5.  Heating & Cooling Costs

Find the lowest temperature your family is happy with in winter and the highest they can stand it in summer.

The rule around our home in winter is  “if we are all not wearing sweaters inside in winter, then the thermostat is set too high” and in summer it is “if you feel the need to put a sweater on indoors the air conditioning is set too high”.

For us that looks like 68 in the winter and 70 to 75 in the summer (depending on how bad the humidity is). We like to sleep cool so at night in the winter we turn down the heat to 63.

Experiment in your own home. At what temperature do people start complaining (and not just that one hot body or cold body) ? Also are they dressed appropriately for the weather? I don’t see anything wrong with wearing a sweater in the house in winter but if people are dressed in down parkas and long johns you might have the heat set a bit too low.
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6. Household cleaners

Making your own cleaners is the best way to save money in this area of your household finances. Check out My Homemade Cleaning Products board on Pinterest for ideas.

7. Transportation costs

To save money on gas combine your errands with your weekly activities. For instance if your daughter has gymnastics every Monday afternoon then try and do one errand before class and perhaps pick up groceries right after.  Simply look at your list of “need to do” errands and see which ones best fit in the route to and from the activity of the day. This will significantly cut down on your gas usage.

8. Cable

Cut cable completely. You can use Bing Rewards to pay for Hulu and steam your favorite shows when you want to watch them (here is a tutorial on how to earn enough Bing Reward points to do this each month) . If you like News and daily talk shows invest in a high quality antenna. Our family spent $150 an antenna so we could watch the last Winter Olympics and we have loved it . The channels it brings in are crystal clear. (our current antenna looks a lot like this one and is set up in our attic)

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9. Use point programs to pay for your vice

Love Starbucks coffee? Keep it in the budget but use InstaGC  to earn gift cards to pay for it. (see how to use InstaGC here)

Love Kindle books but the titles you like are rarely on the freebie lists? Enjoy a few each month by doing a few simple things on Swagbucks each month to earn  Amazon gift cards. (see how to earn a $25 gift card to Amazon each month through Swagbucks here)

There are so many different point programs available that you are bound to find one where you can earn gift card without too much monthly effort.
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10. Never stop learning

This point will save you money in all areas of your budget. If there is one thing I have learned in my 20 years as a homemaker it is this “there is always room for improvement; and improvement comes through learning”. My favorite way to learn is through reading. I can pick up a book and read a chapter here and there and find out about a new way to save money in an area of our finances then apply it and reap the savings.

Here is a list of 10 books I recommend for those wanting to reduce their month to month expenses.

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  1. That is a very well put together list. I never used to plan my driving out, I just went where I wanted when we wanted/needed to. Once gas went through the roof, I had to stop that. We are paying much less for gas now, but I’m keeping up the planning. Luckily, my kids have activities that are near areas where I shop so I hit those while they are in classes. It works out nicely because not only do I save on gas, I shop in peace 😉

  2. Great tips! Especially #9!!!!!! That is exactly what my husband and I do! It isn’t a “need” so we find other ways to get those extra treats that we both enjoy.

    • Victoria says:

      Yes, another way to get our “treats” that works for us is to resell our items to pay for a weekend away or an item we both want but don’t really need.

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips. I really need to start using a price book; and work on that thermostat thing! My kids are constantly in and out this time of the year and I cringe at what our bill is going to be once we turn on the air. I love this short time when we need nether heat or air!

    • Victoria says:

      I wish Indiana was at the no heat no air stage. It keeps on warming up for a day and then cooling down again. Still we are using less heat than we do in the middle of winter. Fall is usually when we can do no heat or air and I LOVE it too.

  4. I should use more points programs that what I do. I do swagbucks sometimes and mediainsider.

  5. Ugh, I always forget to use swagbacks. I love the idea of saving those points for a vice. I’d drink less starbucks if it were dependent on my swagbucks earnings, that’s for sure. Loved a peek at your 10k house post too! Taking on a “big” mortgage is one on my personal financial regrets.

  6. Great ideas! I have never heard of Ting, but I will definitely be checking that out! We love our iPhones but we are currently paying $170 a month for two phones 🙁

  7. Ok, I’m going to finally make a grocery price comparison list!


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