5 Easter Basket Fillers For Women For $5 or Less


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My husband says I am hard to buy for. I don’t think it is true, so this post is as much for my readers as it is for my husband. Here are 5 things that I would love to see in my Easter basket that cost $5 or less that I am sure other women would love to see in their Easter basket too. You don’t have to purchase all 5 but even if you do the total will still be less than $25.

5 easter basket fillers for women for five dollars or less

 5 Easter Basket Fillers For Women For $5 or Less

1. Gift Cards For  Favorite Beverages

Starbucks specialty coffees. Sweet tea from Chick-fil-la or McCalisters. Or perhaps your woman is more of a fountain pop (or soda) type gal.  A $5 gift card to where ever sells her favorite sipping pleasure, is a much appreciated gift.

2. Chocolate

Most moms will  agree with me when I say don’t get me the cheap dollar store bunny. I am a mom, I put up with strange unusual  punishment, like being asked the same question 100s of times in a row.  I deserve good chocolate for my troubles.  I love Green and Black organics dark chocolate, or Dove milk chocolate, or Cadbury fruit and nut. I could go on but 3 choices seems like enough.

Don’t know what the favorite chocolate of the woman in your life is? chances are their is a bar of it hidden somewhere in the cupboards or the bedroom or both. Either that or wrapper evidence.

3.  Kindle Books

Sure you might not know what book I am waiting to read next but if you give me a $5 Amazon gift card, I am thrifty and will be able to snag 1 if not 2 kindle titles with it to keep me in an alternate world where housework does not exist for hours.

4. A framed picture of loved ones

I know I am not alone on this one, women love framed photographs of loved ones, and nothing is more of a gift than not having to pick out the print, send it to the printers and frame it all by ourselves. Dollar stores sell inexpensive great looking frames. If the woman in your life is a mom of little ones, you can have them embellish the frame with their own personal touch for an even more heart warming gift.

5.  Flowers

A bunch of fresh cut flowers from Aldi are under $5. Sure they won’t fit in a basket but they can be put beside it. A blooming potted plant is a close second (or first with green thumb women who can keep it alive unlike brown thumb women like me).

Bonus tip: Inside the basket place a handwritten note from yourself that lists a few reasons why you love the woman the basket is for, chances are years from now you will still be able to find it tucked inside that folder she keeps in her dresser of notes from loved ones.

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  1. These are great ideas!

    Are gift ideas for husbands up next?

    • Victoria says:

      Trying but men are tricky to keep on a $5 budget at least mine is. So far I have 2 things trying to think of 3 more so I can keep the same 5 for 5 theme.

  2. What great ideas! I’m stopping by from ManyLittleBlessings.com link-up and wanted to say hi! Hope you’re having a great day!


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