Shopping Saturdays: 10 Email Clubs Worth Signing Up For


10 email clubs that will save you money

Most people know that you can sign up for birthday clubs on line and receive a tonne of free or close to free food and other items once a year on your birthday.

However, you don’t have to wait till your birthday to receive some great deals for things like a pasta dinner, a video game for your child, and household cleaners for your home through coupons sent to your email box.

I receive great coupons to use at some of our favorite stores and restaurants in my inbox every week. Some of them save me as much as $20 in one visit.

Here are a list of my 10 favorites.

1. Fazoli’s

Join Fazoli’s eFamily and you will receive coupons regularly in you e-mail box. My favorites are the $5 off a family meal coupons. I can feed my family of 5 a feast of bread sticks, salad, spaghetti, lasagna and salad for under $18 using these coupons.

2.Hobby Lobby

Our town just got a Hobby Lobby about a year ago and I quickly found out about and signed up for their weekly email which has a 40% off coupon at the bottom of it each and every week.

3. Dollar General

I love using Dollar General e-club coupons for items that don’t often go on sale, and you can’t find manufactures coupons for like the plastic totes I use for packing our SUV to the max for trips.

4. Blizzard Club

I love Dairy Queen blizzards. My kids do too. To keep them within our budget my husband and I are both DQ Blizzard Fan Club Fans. 6 times a year we receive coupons for buy one get one free blizzards.

5. Finish Line

I am a marathon runner. I go through running shoes fast. I however don’t like going through money fast which is why I love Finish Line’s Winners Circle. When you join you will receive coupons both in the mail and in your inbox that will save you $10 to $20 off per pair of shoes.

6. Joann’s

Knitting is a passion of mine. I keep the cost of this passion low with coupons for Joann’s Fabrics. Join their mailing list and you will receive great coupons in snail mail and email.

7. Micheal’s

Micheal’s is another craft store that will regularly send you coupons in your e-mail box once you set up an account with them on line. I don’t have a Micheal’s near me, but when I pass through a town that has one, I make sure to print out the coupon.

8. Chuck E Cheese

Our family likes going to Chuck E Cheese once or twice during the winter months to escape cabin fever. I always make sure to print off my coupons that I receive due to being part of the Chuck E Cheese e-club.

9. Family Dollar

Family Dollar has a e-club that works much like Dollar General.

10.  Qdoba

I don’t get to use the Qdoba coupons sent to my inbox all that often, since sadly our town does not have one. I print them out only when I know I am going to be visiting a town that does. If your town has one I would highly recommend joining if you like Qdoba as they seem to offer great coupons on a regular basis on some of their most popular menu items.

Do you have any other e-clubs you would add?

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  1. Followed from Top Ten Tuesdays. Great list! I had no idea DG and Family Dollar had email lists! Thanks! I also like Cici’s Pizza and Chili’s emails for good deals.

    • I miss Cici’s Pizza the ones near us all closed down, but when my family was in Florida this winter we went to one there twice during our 10 day trip. My 3 love pizza.

  2. Great list! We live in Canada so I only was able to sign up for the DQ one. But I know we will use that one to our benefit. LOL

  3. Christi Lynne says:

    I’m new to your blog and just wanted to say thanks! I found one of your posts through Pintrest and now I’m 10 posts in lol. I added you to my bookmarks of must read blogs (which means when I have time I’ll probably read the whole thing from the beginning of time). Thanks again!

  4. Christi Lynne says:

    Oh also! The link to the Chuck E Cheese club has changed 🙂

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