Building A Home Library Inexpensively: 2014 Update


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5 sources of free or nearly free books that will help you build an inexpensive home library

I love books. I borrow a lot of them from the library but I also own a lot of them. I don’t pay that much for my books. In fact I get a lot of them for free. Since year one of my blog I have been sharing with my readers how they can do the same.

Another year has passed and  I have discovered more free or almost free sources of books.

Recently discovered 5 free and almost free sources of books to build you home library with

1. BookBub

BookBub is more than just a website listing free and low cost eBooks. The magic in BookBub is in their emails. When you sign up for BookBub you choose your favorite types of books and they use those suggestions to create a free and low cost list of eBooks tailored to you.

2. Free Christian Resources

Free Christian Resources contains a section devoted to free eBooks by christian authors on christian topics.

3. Noise Trade’s New eBook Section

Noise Trade has started a whole new eBook section that includes a large selection of titles that you can download for free or make a donation if you wish.

4. Book Swap Party

I saw this idea on pinterest and I think it is wonderful! Basically you gather your fellow bookworms together for an evening of swapping books with one another. Once the weather gets warmer I want to organize one between my friends.  For more details on how to throw your own book swap party head on over to read the post at One Good Thing By Jillie

5. David C Cook Ebooks

I just found out about  David C Cook Ebooks 2 weeks ago and already I have downloaded 2 great titles for free including More or Less (which I loved). Greatest part they send out only 1 email a week, which is greatly appreciated by someone with a crammed inbox.

Have you discovered any great free or nearly free sources of books lately?

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  1. This lady is pretty good about posting (almost daily) free Christian books for the Nook.

  2. Great list. I will be checking these out.

    I popped over from Angie and Kris’s link to say HI!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these sites and ideas! I love books as well, and free ones are the best! 🙂

  4. I got onto BookBub and it is awesome I have already downloaded 20books yeah ilove it

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