10 Of My Favorite Christian Workout Songs & 7 Ways To Save Money On Them


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I love to listen to music when I run. My favorite workout songs are Christian. Now I know some of you may be imagining me running to classic hymns from the 1800’s and thinking, how in the world do you run to that. Well, I don’t run to hymns, Christian music comes in as many different genres as there are people. Everything from hip hop to rap to heavy metal all using words that praise our creator.

10 of my favorite christian workout songs and 7 ways to save money on music for your workout


I prefer a mix of songs, some with a fast beat for short fast runs, and some with a slower beat for long runs, or runs where I just don’t care about the time. One thing all my songs must have though are words that I understand and love.

10 Of My Favorite Workout Songs

1.  Toby Mac: Eye on it (on the album Eye On It)

2. Skillet: It’s Not Me It’s You (on the album Awake)

3.Mandisa: Overcomer (on the album Overcomer)

4. Group 1 Crew: His Kind of Love (on the album Fearless)

5. Big Daddy Weave: Love Come To Life (on the album Love Come To Life)

6.Britt Nicole: Gold  (on the album Gold)

7. Third Day: Run To You (on the album Revelation)

8. Francesca Battistelli: So Long (on the album Hundred More Years)

9. Steven Curtis Chapman: Love Take Me Over (on the album The Glorious Unfolding)

10. Sidewalk Prophets:  Nothings Going To Stop Us (on the album Live Like That)

7 Ways to Save Money On Your Music Collection

1. Find Stores with Awesome sales

I love Family Christian stores for their amazing sales of CD’s. Yes our family still buys actual CD’s. My SUV has a 6 CD player and no hook up for an MP3 player. We also have several CD players in the house and my favorite way to listen to music while running  is a Sansa clip so I can easily rip CD’s to my computer and place them on my Sansa.

If you love CD’s too chances are their might be a store near you selling CD’s for less than you might think.

2. Wait until the CD is older

A favorite song for me doesn’t has to be the newest and latest. I like songs both new and old.Albums drop in price fairly quickly.

I get $5 CD’s from Family Christian all the time that are 2 or so years old but still very current.

3.  Almost always buy albums instead of singles

A whole album is usually less money than purchasing the same amount of  singles, however sometimes I do stray from this rule. Sometimes there is  just one song or two songs I like on an album, in that case it is cheaper to buy the singles.

4. Look for discounted gift cards to your favorite places to buy  them

Cardpool sells discounted iTunes cards, as well as discounted cards to other various stores that sell music CD’s.

5. Search Yard Sales

Every yard sale season I find at least a small handful of CD’s of music I can add to my MP3 player. Most are pretty old, but they still get my body and soul moving.

6. Keep your eyes peeled for free music download credits

Money Saving Mom lists free credit codes to Amazon whenever they pop up.

7. Join Point & Rebate Programs & Cash Them in For Gift Cards

These programs all have either Amazon or iTunes cards in their reward centers. Here is a tutorial I wrote on ibotta to help you use the app. You might also want to check out this plan for maximizing your Swagbucks so that you can make the most of your Swagbucks account for filling your music collection.

Looking for money saving tips? Follow my Saving Money Tips board on Pinterest.

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  1. Numbers 3 and 6 are on my list too! I feel even more motivation when running to uplifting music!

  2. I like to get them from the library as well. I just started listening to Skillet. Also, if you have anyone that likes hip-hop, Flame is really good to listen to. He has great beats to run to. Thanks for more ideas!

    • Samantha says:

      Flame and Lecrae are my favorites! I’d definitely have a listen to Joyful Noise by Flame and God is Enough by LeCrae.

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