10 Ways Thrifty People Celebrate Valentine’s Day


10 ways thrifty people clelebrate valentine's dayValentine’s day does not have to cost a lot in fact it does not have to cost a dime at all if you don’t want it to. Love can be expressed in so many ways that don’t require money but instead a bit of time and thought. Personally those types of gifts mean more to me than the ones costing money.

10 Ways Thrifty People Celebrate Valentine’s

1. Write a note saying all the Swagbucks earned in the next 30, 60 or 90 days are theirs to spend however they choose.

2. Buy a stack of pink post it notes and fill them with reasons why you love them and then hide them in their work bag and all over their car and other items they use daily.

3. Make them a stack of printable coupons,for ideas enter “printable valentine’s coupons” into the Pinterest search box. When I did dozens of different ones came up.

4.Take a spray bottle filled with water and food coloring outside and in the snow create a heart outline with your initials inside. Place it right under a window they look out often.

5.Purchase a Redbox movie and 2 theater sized candy boxes from the $1 store, place them in a gift bag, and then send the kids to bed just a bit earlier and enjoy movie night just the two of you cuddled up on the couch.

6. Use your Swagbucks to earn a Starbucks gift cards then go grab your drinks and find a quiet corner to just talk.

7. If it is warm enough  go for a long walk hand in hand and chat about how you first met, what you thought when you saw each other for the first time, rekindle all the memories that started your love story.

8.Bake up your spouses favorite desert, then after the kids are in bed light candles, and turn off the lights cuddle up on the couch and eat your sweet treat together off the same plate. Feed it to each other.

9. Buy a large chocolate bar, take off the wrapper and replace it with a list of 10 reason you think your spouse is the sweetest.

10. This last suggestion is exclusively for bookworms (because both my hubby and I are bookworms) Go to the library together just the two of you, each grab a book and then spend that evening cuddled up together on the couch each reading books.

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  1. This is a great list and will link this up to my 14 Days of Love series.. Also pinning. Great ideas.

  2. Great list. I will definitely be doing a couple of these. Another cute idea I saw once was to buy Valentine’s cards on clearance to send on the 14th of each month for the rest of the year.

  3. We just hang out in our room and eat chocolates while watching scifi movies. Joining from List-It Tuesday.

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