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My boys love video games. My middle son loves them so much that when we gave him $50 in spending money as a gift on our recent trip to Disney World, he decided not to buy a single Disney themed trinket, and save the whole $50 for a new video game when he got home.

My husband and I were proud of his determination and discipline as we cruised Disney Town the last day of our trip helping his siblings pick out their items to spend their money on. He was not letting the moment take his eyes off his goal.

He then spent several days looking up new games on line, and then asking his friends what new games they liked.

He even, went as far as having his friend bring over one of his new favorite games so that he could try it out before he purchased it.

However, even with this amount of thought put into his purchase he failed in one area. When it came to purchasing the game, he told me to go to just one store online and make the purchase.

I immediately said “stop wait a minute, lets compare the prices of the game at a few websites”. In under 5 minutes I punched in and visited several of my son’s favorite stores for buying video games, as well as Amazon.

To my son’s amazement the game was $20 cheaper on Amazon than any where else.

In those 5 minutes of searching, I saved my son $20 and taught him the valuable lesson of comparison shopping.

How about you? Have you found great deals by surfing the web?

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  1. We always research anything over $20. Great tip! Thanks for sharing at Frugal Friday.


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