3 Big Name Brands With Great Loyalty Programs


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Although our family is thrifty, we still have some name brands that we remain loyal to regardless of the price. Usually because of either the taste or quality of the product.

3 name brands that reward you for buying their products

Choosing a name brand over a store brand often means paying more, so when our thrifty family finds out about a loyalty program for a family “must” brand we are all over it like butter on bread.

3 Big Name Brands With Great Loyalty Programs

For this post I am concentrating on brands who sell products you buy in the store. I can only think of 3, but I am sure there are more so feel free to share in the comments below of others you know about.

1. My Coke Rewards

My husband is addicted to his 2 to 3 cans of coke a day–which is why I was so happy when the coke mycokerewards program began years ago.

It has changed a bit recently in that it now offers bronze, silver, and gold levels which effects what prizes are open for you to choose from. However, even at bronze level the choices of prizes are numerous and it doesn’t take too many actions within the program to get there.

How it works: On boxes and bottle caps of coke products you will find codes, keep them and enter them online (there is a weekly limit as to how many you can enter each week). Points will add up quickly and cash out begins at just 55 points for a free, 32 oz bottle of Powerade (prizes change all the time so check frequently).

Rewards include: Shutterfly albums, e-gift cards to Walmart & Amazon, subscriptions to magazines, free coke products and much more.

Go here to sign up for My Coke Rewards.

2. Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Our family doesn’t often buy Kellogg’s products with the exception of birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas where I let the kids pick out a favorite sugary cereal as a treat and 2 of them pick a Kellogg’s cereal.

You might not think it is worth it to sign up for a loyalty program for a product you don’t buy often, but Kellogg’s Rewards offers a lot of free codes {my favorite source to find these free codes is Money Saving Mom}.

How it works: When you buy Kellogg’s products you can upload your receipt to the website or connect your grocery store loyalty cards to your Kellogg’s Family Rewards. For free codes you simply enter them manually into the site.

Rewards include: Shutterfly products, magazine subscriptions, e-gift cards to Starbucks, high value coupons, and more.

Go here to sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards.

3. Pampers Rewards Points

Okay, so obviously since I am a mom of teenagers our thrifty family doesn’t take advantage of the Pampers Rewards Points program. However, I have heard so many good things about it I decided to share it.

How it works: Enter codes found on packages of Pampers diapers and wipes into the website. You can also earn points for review products. Be sure to like their Facebook page too for special offers. Money Saving Mom also shares free codes for Pamper Rewards from time to time too.

Rewards include: Shutterfly products, baby toys, and supplies such as sippy cups, high value coupons, magazine subscriptions, and more.

Go here to sign up for Pampers Rewards.

If you like loyalty programs you might want to check out my list of point programs that you can use to earn gift cards and more.
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