10 Items For Backyard Summer Fun For $10 Or Less


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Are you dreaming of lazy summer days at home enjoying your own backyard, but your wondering how to keep your children occupied so you don’t feel the need to give into requests to go here there and everywhere? Here are 10 low cost items you might want to consider adding to your backyard that will keep the children busy in your own backyard.

10 items for backyard summer fun for 10 dollars or less

10 items for backyard summer fun for $10 or less

1. Side Walk Chalk

At less than $5 for a box of 48 sticks sidewalk chalk is a great deal. You can have your children try out this fun idea I found on pinterest.If you are looking for something even more thrifty, my daughter and I tried out this recipe for sidewalk paint last year and it worked great.

2. Skipping Rope

A cotton skipping rope with wooden handles is under $10 and will last longer and work better than the typical plastic kind. Skipping rope is a great way to burn off energy. Ours is often used as a rope for making a fort between two objects in the backyard.

3. A Ball

A colorful ball for the backyard is always a hit. Great for games of tossing, or kicking. Word of caution, make sure to bring these balls indoors during a windy day as they tend to take flight and go missing.

 4. Sand Toys

If you don’t have a sandbox  you can make one out of a shallow plastic tote that has a lid, that you probably have somewhere around your house. A bag of play sand is fairly inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores add a few sand toys and perhaps a few hot wheel cars or plastic dinosaurs or animals from your child’s toy chest and your child will stay busy for hours for very little money out of pocket.

5. No Spill Bubble Tumbler

You can make your own bubbles in very little time for very little money but I do suggest you invest in a no spill bubble tumbler. Take it from a former day care owner these tumblers are awesome at helping little ones blow their own bubbles without all the messy spills.

6. Fun Bubble Accessories

If you have a little one who just can’t seem to get a bubble from traditional bubble wands, this bubble  trumpet by Melissa & Doug Toys sounds like it just might help. Reviewers say that their 2 year old’s have been able to operate it without a problem. This would require putting out a shallow tub of bubbles since it needs to be dipped, which means more chance of spills, but it looks really fun.

More great bubble accessories are bubble guns or bubble machines , my children had hours of fun with them when they were little. They are more than $10 at the height of the season but can be found for under $10 at end of season clearance sales so keep your eyes open and plan ahead for next year.

8. Squirt Gun

This squirt gun by Nerf is under $5 buy a pair and you got yourself backyard water fight fun for under $10.

A word of  squirt gun advice: When my kids were little and they wanted to have squirt gun fights I would place a big bucket of water out for them and declare it a squirt free reload zone, that way I no longer heard the words “no fair I am out of water mom and he is still squirting me” .

9. Paint Brushes

I know some of you are scratching your head going “paint brushes”?! Trust me if you have toddlers you will thank me for this suggestion once you try it. In my day care years I use to give the toddlers a small bucket of water and a paint brush and let them paint whatever they wanted outside. It occupied them usually for close to an half an hour at a time. All I had to do was keep them supplied with water.

These paint brushes are also great should you try the recipe for sidewalk chalk paint that I listed above in the sidewalk chalk section.
10. Bug Catcher

If you have a child that loves bugs this Melissa & Doug bug catcher will be the perfect place for them to store and observe their latest bug finds.

Wanting more ways to keep your child busy this summer? Follow my Summer Fun board and my Summer Crafts board on Pinterest.


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