10 DIY Gifts For Girls (Ages 8 to 12) Under $10


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10 DIY gifts for girls under $10

Some might argue that children don’t appreciate homemade gifts, but I disagree. When I look back at my childhood Christmas memories I can remember a lot of the homemade gifts my mom made us (and  few my dad did as well, like a barbie house for my sister) yet I don’t remember many of the store bought ones. In fact my daughter dressed her cabbage patch dolls for years in the same clothes made by my mothers hands years before for my cabbage patch doll.

When my daughter was born I wondered if she too would like homemade gifts like I do, and she does. When I made her a crocheted purse for her birthday as a preschooler ( like the one in the photo above), she insisted that I make each one of her friends one for their birthdays too. When I made her a similar purse for her teddy bears, she wanted a teddy bear birthday party in which each friend would receive one of my teddy bear purses as part of their goody bags. To this day I still see her friends wearing their crocheted purses now and again, they have lasted years (my daughter is a preteen now).

So yes indeed children even of this present generation LOVE homemade gifts.

10 DIY Gifts For Girls Ages 8 to 12 for under $10

Some of these 10 gifts require either simple sewing or knitting skills but others require simply being able to tie knots in jewelery making. Most of these projects could be made either with supplies you may already have around your home  or for less than $10 in supplies (if you need to purchase supplies see my Saving Money On Craft Supplies post to keep your costs low)

1. Fingerless gloves

These Fingerless gloves take up just one skein of thick yarn and the pattern can easily be adapted to fit smaller hands. You don’t have to be an expert to knit these, all you need to know is the knit stitch and how to cast on and off. You Tube is full of videos to help you learn.

2. Button Headbands

These simple button headbands require minimal sewing skills (can you sew on a button?). I like using the Goody Comfort Fit Gentle Headbands for mine but I did see that the Dollar Tree sells a similar type for just $1 for 6 last time I was there.

3. Colored Pencil Roll Up Bag

This colored pencil roll up bag is a great gift for the budding artist in your home. It would work for Crayola’s thin markers too.

4. An iPod Case

My daughter loves her iPod and it goes everywhere with her. I love this tutorial on how to make a case for it and if I can find a way of getting her out of the house long enough to make her one I just might do so. I think I might add a strap to the case so she could wear it like a purse.

5. Boot Cuffs

If you have a  young fashionista and you have a bit of crotchet skills these boot cuffs look fun. They don’t look like they would use up much yarn so they would be very inexpensive too.

6. Pocket Purse

Every gal has got to have a purse. This pocket purse is made using a portion of an old garment such as a shirt or a pair of jeans with a pocket.

7. Mickey Mouse Necklaces

Have you gone to Disneyland or Disney World recently or plan to soon? How about making you child a gift to remember it by with these Mickey Mouse Washer necklaces.

8.  Drawstring Backpack

This age group seems to love drawstring backpacks for storing all their collections in. They don’t require that much fabric. I think if you got creative you could make a patchwork one out of leftover fabric from other projects or from clothes you family has outgrown.

9.  Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets

I see a lot of the kid wearing these bead and hemp bracelets and they are really simple to make. You could personalize them with alphabet beads spelling out your child’s name or initials. You don’t have to use hemp I have also seen them made with ribbon and various other types of yarn and cord, use what you have to cut costs.

10. DIY Craft Kit

Most girls this age love to make their very own crafts. The ideas for a DIY craft kit to give as a gift are endless. You can get ideas from Pinterest of simple projects made of thrifty materials. For a jumping off point look at my DIY Jewelery Board or my Headband and Hair Accessories Board. I don’t tend to pin complicated projects because I am so not a complicated craft type person so most of my pins could be made by girls in this age group with a little help from mom.  Wrap up your DIY kit using this thrifty and simple idea.

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  1. These look like fun! My 11 year old will love trying some of these out.

  2. Here I was wondering what to get my nieces for Christmas and now I have some ideas. Yay! I love this list, thanks so much for sharing and linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

  3. Hello! My daughter sent me the picture of the purse you made, however, I don’t see it listed in the projects underneath. I was wondering if you have the pattern for it. Thank you!

    • I don’t have the pattern for the purse on the blog. I made it up in my head years ago. Sorry. You are actually not the first person to ask for it. I really need to make another one up and photograph each step and then post it.

  4. Victoria, these all look like fun ideas; I think our 8 year old would love the fingerless gloves. Thanks for posting a link to it. We are also interested in the step by step to the crocheted purse. It’s beautiful and I can see why you daughter still carries it around.

    • So MANY people have asked me for that purse pattern–I really needed to sit down and make one and photograph each step for people.

  5. I love these ideas. My sister’s 8th birthday is coming up and I don’t have money to go anywhere and get her something. This was helpful, thank you!

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