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After groceries, clothing can eat a good chunk of a families budget. But it doesn’t have too. There are luckily just about as many ways to save money on clothing as there are ways to save money on groceries.

A resource page filled with ways to save money on clothing for the entire family

Ways To Save Money On Clothing

Here is a list of the articles I have written to date on saving money on clothing. I will be updating this list as I write more.

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ThredUp : ThredUp will send you a clear out bag for free, that you can fill with baby, toddler, kids, junior, women or maternity clothing. The bag comes with prepaid shipping so sending it in will cost you nothing. ThredUp also accepts shoes and handbags. Make sure to read the information provided under the “sell” tab so that you send in things that they will sell. They offer a consignment option for higher priced items and a pay up front option for items of lower value.

Twice: Twice accepts both men and women’s clothing. They tend to stick to certain brands so make sure to read the list of brands they sell before you send your items in . Again all the information you need is under the “sell” tab so make sure to read it all first before sending in your clothing items. Twice offers a free printable shipping label so that you can send you items into them free of charge. You will get paid for those items they accept and there are several payout options including store credit and a Target gift card.

Schoola: Schoola accepts clothes for school age children right up into the teenage years. They also provide a postage paid bag for you to place your clothes in. BUT instead of you getting money for the clothes you send in it is donated to the school of your choice making Schoola a pretty neat way to give.

Apps That Will Save You Money On Clothes

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Places To Find Discounted Gift Cards For Clothing Stores

Screen Shot of card pool clothing gift cards

Cardpool is currently the only discounted gift store site I use. Cardpool has the gift cards I want for the clothing stores I use at discounts from 4.5 percent to up to 16 percent, or even higher for some stores. To the save the most, I make sure to only buy for stores we shop, and only for amounts that fit in our budget.

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