Picture Of The Week: How I Saved $500 in One Hour


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Last Friday was an event that always seems to save my family $100’s of dollars year after year.

How I Saved $500 in One HourWhat was Friday? It was community town rummage days in a town near me, a town where I always seem to find just what I need and plenty of wants too.

I know there are a tonne of people out there with negative attitudes towards yard sales. Those that think it wastes gas, those that think it is a waste of time,  those that think it is all junk for sale,  and those that say they can never find what they need.

Well perhaps my finds from Friday will encourage you that yard sale shopping doesn’t have to waste gas, it doesn’t have to take long,  that there are items with lots of life left for sale and that you can find just what you do need.

couchAs you know we have been renovating a room for our eldest son. Our desire is to set it up as much like his very own mini apartment as possible. One thing we wanted to achieve that feel was a small couch. I had been looking at love seats that had come into Big Lots recently  (the most inexpensive source for new furniture in our small town) and the cheapest one I found was $350 plus tax . I found this one pictured above for $100 . My favorite part, the lady who sold it to me was raising money for her mission trip so my purchase helped her go help others.  Savings $250 plus tax

dresserAnother thing on our list for our son’s new room was a dresser. I wanted something solid and the cheapest I could find was a pine one from Ikea for $150 plus tax. I saw this one and feel in love with it. It has one sticky drawer but I knew my husband could fix it with little effort. Cost $30. Savings $120

cooler standThis purchase was more of a want than a need. My husband has been eying outdoor cooler stands for quite a while now. I kept pulling him away from them saying “we have a perfectly good cooler for the back porch we don’t need one that comes with a fancy table around it.  The fancy tables he has been eying cost $150 on average, this table I found today cost $2 and fits the cooler perfectly plus there is room to store  cups and other supplies in the shelves below. Savings $148

Total savings from the first hour of my Friday trip out yard sale shopping with my daughter $518 on just these three items alone and we found all of them in under one hour, within a 1/2 mile radius,  that is a pretty amazing hourly wage for very little time spent and very little gas used. The coolest part is that with the money we saved on the couch and the dresser we can now afford to give our other children’s rooms makeovers too.

In the second hour of the sale my daughter and I bought a skirt for me for $2, a zip up hoodie for me for .75, a sweater for her for .25 cents and a stack of books to add to my summer reading pile for $2.50.  These added bonus savings made the day even sweeter.

So the next time you think, yard sale shopping just isn’t worth the effort, you might want to give it another try.

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  1. Awesome finds! I do love a good yard sale!!

    • Victoria says:

      Me too! I especially love going to community wide rummages where there are several in one block, then you are sure to find something on your need list.

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