How To Get Your Money’s Worth And More Out Of An Ultimate Bundle Deal


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I must confess that for years I looked at Ultimate Bundle deals and thought, “There is no way I will read all those e-books, watch all those e-courses, and consume all those bonuses.” and then closed out the “Buy Now” page and walked away.

However,  as the saying goes, “That was then and this is now.”

How to squeeze every last cent out of an Ultimate Bundle Deal

I bought the last bundle with a plan in mind. One that made the entire bundle seem a lot less overwhelming and helped me see the bundle for the amazing thrifty deal it really is.

My Thrifty Approach To The Ultimate Bundle Deal

All authors are going to hate my first point, but here it goes…

1. Concentrate first on what bonuses are offered

I told you authors would hate me. Here is why I want you to concentrate on the bonuses first though: there are less of them than there are e-books and e-courses, making the bundle a lot less overwhelming. Another great thing about the bonuses is that the can make great gifts.

Plus–the bonuses alone are worth the price you pay for the entire bundle.

When I got my bundle I made sure to order all the bonuses I wanted to claim first so that I wouldn’t forget about them. I didn’t feel bad about leaving the free trials untried since in the last bundle I didn’t see a trial I liked. However, if you see one you like in the Ultimate Bundle you go for it and sign up (make sure to pay attention to how to cancel if you should decide you don’t want the service after the free trial ends).

2. Make a top 5 list

Go through the eBooks and eCourses offered and pick out your top five. The five that you are most excited about digging into right away. Write this list down and place it somewhere you can look at when you want to start digging into the bundle.

 In the last bundle my top 5 books  equaled a $123.92 value and I already paid for the $29.97 bundle cost with the bonuses.

3. Buy a zip Drive

This is optional, but one thing I really didn’t like about the Ultimate Bundles before I bought them was the idea of how much space they would take up on my computer. I guess I could have stored them on a cloud or something, but I found it easier to download the files to my computer, transfer them to a zip drive, and then delete them off my computer (after making sure I had in fact saved them successfully on the zip drive).

4. Move just 2 or 3 eBooks over to your e-reader

To move the entire bundle over to your e-reader at one time is too overwhelming. What I like to do is just pick 2 or 3 eBooks over to my kindle at a time.

psst…the bundle comes with great step by step videos of how to transfer your files to your e-reader.

5. Start enjoying your bundle

Now you are ready to dig in and enjoy all the knowledge you can gain from these Ultimate Bundles. These Ultimate bundles really are a nonfiction, thrifty bookworm’s dream.

OH and one last thing…the bundle comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if you do decide to get it and then decided it wasn’t worth the money, you can get a refund.
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  1. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock, but what are bundles, and when did they, as my kids say, ‘become a thing’?I take it a bundle is an ad to buy some related items/services/subscriptions, and the consumer gets some kind of free prize or bonus for free if he/she buys a bundle?What companies/stores offer them? reputable ones?I’m on the computer every day, looking at email and FB, and researching things and I don’t thinkI’ve gotten an offer for a bundle…unlessI though it was junk mail and deleted it.Can you clarify or point me in the direction of where I can get answers, if you’ve already posted about this?

    • A bundle in this case is referring to the e-book and e-course bundles that the Ultimate Bundle website does a few times a year. They come with a huge pack of bonuses of various products and services as well. The company does one for Homemakers, DIY’ers, Healthy Living fans, and more.

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