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I have to be completely honest I HATE TO CLEAN. The fact that I have cleaning and decluttering tip posts that people read and pin makes my hubby, who likes to clean, snicker (seriously you should see this guy sweep and vacuum he is amazing).

I think though because I do hate to clean, I have become pretty good at finding ways to either make cleaning go faster, reduce the need for cleaning or finding ways to make myself stick to cleaning no matter if I want to or not.

Housekeeping tips that will help you keep your home clean and clutter free.

Since I write about finding time and money for your goals and dreams, I like sharing with my readers now and again how I have found ways to reduce the time spent cleaning so that they can spend more time pursuing those goals and dreams.

Here is what I have shared so far…

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2 Books That Have Helped Me Tremendously in My Housecleaning and Clutter Management

1.Years ago I came across Clutter’s Last Stand and I read about half of it before jumping up and decluttering like a mad women. It had inspired me so much to toss stuff, that I couldn’t wait until after I finished it to start. I had to start right then. In under a week I donated an entire truck load to charity and then sold off another truck load a few weeks later at a yard sale.

2. The Fly Ladies book Sink Reflection taught me so much about how to keep a house clean without a lot of effort or thought. Her habit building strategies really do help make cleaning so routine you just do it without thinking, and when you do that it doesn’t build up to epic proportions (well not often anyways I am still far from a perfect housekeeper 🙂 ).























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