Cleaning The Oven Naturally


cleaning your oven naturally

All week I had been struggling to get inspired to spring clean one last area for the Spring Cleaning Challenge. I had plenty of areas, but no desire.

Finally on Sunday afternoon, I sat down at the computer to enjoy a bit of Pinterest looking, when inspiration hit with this pin on cleaning an oven without harsh chemicals.

I ran to the oven to give it a try.

Here is what my oven looked like before I started cleaning it.

I sprinkled baking soda all over it like the pin said and then poured vinegar all over. I then set the timer for 20 minutes and went back to Pinterest pinning while I envisioned the cleaners magically eating away at all my ovens dirt.

Um…the cleaners did not magically eat away at much at all

After scrubbing with rags and rinsing the whole mess out, this is what my oven looked like. Not exactly the dramatic transformation I was looking for.

So I did a bit more Pinterest searching and came up with method 2 for cleaning an oven. This one said to mix a paste of soda and water and apply to oven

So I did that and reset the timer for another 20 minutes. This time I used the 20 minutes to go up to my local Family Dollar and purchase a scrub brush, thinking perhaps it would help in the elbow grease department of the project.

It did sort of get a bit more off. But all in all I would say that pin 2 was also a fail.

At this point of the project my husband awoke from his Sunday afternoon nap and suggested that perhaps the reason these pin ideas were not working was not because they were bad ideas but because the pinners oven grime was just 3 months old and not 3 year old like ours.

He also suggested me snapping photo’s of him spraying our oven down with nasty fume filled cleaners later once I was done with my natural green cleaning methods. Sigh, no help saving the earth from that man!

I was determined to not give up (yet). I went looking for another natural way to clean an oven and found pin3.This pin had you mix up a recipe before hand and then apply it to the oven. While I was making it a friend texted me that she was going out to run 5 miles and did I want to come along. I don’t normally run on Sundays, but this whole cleaning the oven natural segment was building up some serious frustrations that made a run sound like the perfect venting escape.

So I applied the mixture to the oven and left. I snapped a picture of the time I left so I could see how long I had left the mixture sitting on the oven.

Here is a picture of the time I returned. As you can tell by doing some simple math I was gone for roughly 2 hours.

I then started scrubbing the mixture down with the lemon and salt as the pin said to do.

My daughter joined me in scrubbing as her father stood chuckling in the back ground making a mental note to buy oven cleaner next time he was out.

2 and a half lemons later, along with generous amounts of salt try three at cleaning the oven natural was completed.

I am satisfied with the inside of the oven, as is my husband who cancelled his mental note to buy oven cleaner. However the oven door glass is still a mess. I am thinking of trying this pin.

I used that pin earlier on my stove top and was amazed by the shiny results!

All in all I say if you clean the inside of your oven more than once every three years (which I promise I will from now on) then try my 3rd pin, when you click on it you should be taken to the full post on the blog cleverlyinspired.

Out of all 3 natural oven cleaning methods I  tried this was the easiest to apply and the easiest to clean up and really did seem to get the inside of my oven clean, even if it didn’t help much on the glass front.

When I get a moment to try the stove top pin on the glass door I will let you know the result, but for now that pin is a keeper from cleaning my stove top. Oh and I deep clean my stove top way way way more often  than once every three years I promise (simply because everyone see it, where as the inside of the stove only I see).

How about you? Have you had any natural cleaning flops? Any natural cleaning successes?

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  1. Way to keep trying! Good for you! I actually use a chemical free oven cleaner made by the company I sell products for and it works great. But I am always open to new chemical free cleaning ideas! I hope the stove top works out for you!



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