Sanity Tip: How I tamed the dirty dishes pile


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For years I  use to get so frustrated when I would go to clean off the kitchen counters and discover 10 dirty glasses or more for the 5 people in our household.

how one mom tamed the dirty dishes pileThen one day an idea was born out of pure frustration with the dirty dishes pile (and those ideas are usually the best). I took a wipe off marker and labeled the glasses with everyone’s name. Before they go in the dishwasher I clean off the ink with a damp paper towel.

Best part I no longer have the problem of too many dirty cups for the top rack of the dish washer and too little dirty plates for the bottom rack. In fact, I often have room for bowls on the top rack as well as the glasses.

reduce your dirty dish pile assign each person in the household a different type of glassPost Update:  Another option I find works well is to assign each member a different type of glass. This is even simpler than labeling glasses as you don’t have to search for a pen or wipe the name off later. However, you do have to put up with a very interesting assortment of glasses which sometimes takes up more room in the cupboard.

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  1. Jami Jo Maynus says:

    Love it!

  2. Marie B says:

    i had a friend who did this back in the 70’s! I thought she was brilliant! That was back when we had drain boards on our counters and the kids would rinse their glass and hang it on the side of the drainer for use all day! It would get washed after dinner time!

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