Time Management Tip 21: Less Stuff, Less Mess, More Time


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How decluttering is crucial to good time management

If you own less stuff, you have less things to make a mess of your home. Less mess in a home means less time spent cleaning. Less time spent cleaning equals more time for you to work on projects you want to work on.

I have struggled with the area of clutter my whole life, in fact I will admit that I actually find comfort in a clutter pile here and there.

In my struggles I have discovered a few tips however that keep my clutter piles in check.

1. Give your collections limits: Simply Organized Living reminded me of a clutter busting tip that I have used for so long it is truly second nature to me. She called it Space Budgeting. For instance if you are a book lover, set yourself a limit of how many shelves your books can have and when your collection surpass it purge until they fit once again.

2. Preform regular whole home purges: Next month I am going to be performing my annual whole house purge, so that our home is clean for Christmas and has space to hold the gifts we receive. ( I plan to share my progress here on the blog)

3: Don’t bring more home: Before you purchase anything ask yourself these questions, Where will I store it? Do I have something at home that works just as well for this task? Do I really love it enough to maintain it?

These 3 tips keep me from being a slave to clutter.

Looking for time saving tips? Follow the Goal Setting & Time Management Tips board on Pinterest.

Need a bit more motivation to get moving in your decluttering? Clutter’s Last Stand by Don Aslett is the book that once got me to give and throw away 3 pick up trucks full of stuff in a 48 hour period.

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