9 Ways Thrifty People Spend Less Money On Cleaning Supplies


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With spring time coming we start to feel the urge to spring clean our homes and that requires cleaners and cleaning supplies.  Where I live, warm weather came just a bit earlier than normal this year and that caused me to already spend a good chunk of last weekend cleaning and reorganizing our family room and our master bedroom.

9 ways thrifty people spend less money on cleaning supplies.

Between the dust under the furniture and on the furniture, I went through a significant amount of cleaner in just those two rooms. Which got me to thinking–how can you spend less money on cleaning supplies so that you can spend more money on things that matter more–like new flip-flops for the upcoming warmer weather!

9 Ways To Spend Less Money On Cleaning Supplies

1. Make Your Own Cleaners

You can make everything you need to clean your home with just a few simple ingredients including:

When I was teaching my children to clean, I opted to use these non-toxic cleaning ingredients and found out that not only did they work well, they cost very little.

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can scent your homemade cleaners with a few drops of essential oils.

I have an entire pinterest board full of homemade cleaner recipes that you can check out.

2. Buy Cleaners & Supplies on Sale

Although the kids and I don’t mind homemade cleaners, my husband insists on commercially made green cleaners. If that is what it takes to get him to help me to clean, then so be it.

Before I joined ePantry (now called Grove) I would stock up on our  favorite green cleaners whenever they went on sale.

3. Purchase With Coupons

There are so many different places to find coupons for your favorite cleaners. You can try printable coupon sites (here is a list of them to search). You can find them in the Sunday paper, in the store, or sometimes on the product itself.

Another great source for coupons for cleaners is coupon or cashback apps

Here are a few coupon and cashback apps I have tried out:

(I have also recently downloaded Find & Save, though I have yet to use it. It gives you cashback for certain stores when you submit a receipt, so if you are buying cleaners at a certain store, you could check and see if it was a store where Find & Save offers a cash back) psst…use my code HCLC when you sign up.

4. Make Cleaners Last Longer

In our family we use a foaming soap dispenser at the kitchen sink to help make the dish soap go further. It really does work! Before we started using them, a regular sized bottle of 7th Generation dish soap would last us just over a week (with children doing dishes). Using foaming soap dispensers, that same sized bottle lasts  more than a month.

5. Use Cleaners to The Last Drop

To get out the last of the laundry soap I will put the bottle upside down and let it drip into the top for a while. When I do this, I can usually get one more load. If you have a sink nearby, you can put a bit of water in the bottom of the detergent bottle, pop the lid back on, swish it around for a minute or two, and then pour. Using these two methods will help you squeeze two more loads out of a bottle.

6. Use Discounted Gift Cards

When you purchase gift cards to the stores that you buy your cleaning supplies at for a discount, it is like getting your cleaners and cleaning supplies on sale before you even walk into the store. Our family primarily uses Cardpool. We love that they stock physical, hold-in-your-hand gift cards (yep, we are old fashioned).

Just how much can you save by using discounted gift cards? It really depends where you shop for cleaners. For example, say you play the drugstore game at Walgreens to save money on cleaners.  At the time I wrote this, Cardpool was carrying Walgreens gift card for 11.5% off. This means for every $10 you spend using your discounted gift card you would save $1.15 before you add in sales and coupons.

7. Purchase Quality Products

For this point I am thinking more about cleaning tools than cleaners. Although sometimes this applies to cleaners too.

When you are looking to replace your vacuum or your mop, don’t reach for the cheapest model. Instead do some research and figure out which brand does the job best and lasts the longest. This will save you money and frustration in the long run.

I am speaking from experience as I made this mistake several times buying cheap vacuums. Finally I broke down and bought a Dyson and it has lasted 3 time as long as any cheap vacuum we have ever bought and it wasn’t 3 times as much as the cheaper models.

8. Subscribe & Save Amazon

I don’t have a lot of experience with this as I am currently a Grove user since our family loves green cleaners and Grove carries all the ones we love, but I do know that many readers tell me they find great deals on cleaners through Amazon Subscribe and Save and they use point rewards earned gift cards to pay for their orders.

I did notice that some of the Amazon prime pantry prices for cleaners are very low, so if you are an Amazon prime member you may want to check it out as a source of inexpensive cleaners if you haven’t already. (psst.. you can try out Amazon prime for free for 30 days)

9. Stack Savings on Top of Savings

If you want to spend the least amount on cleaners as possible and you are not willing to make your own, this point is for you.

The best way to get the lowest price on cleaners and cleaning supplies is to stack savings on top of savings.

Here is an example:

  1. Buy a discounted gift card for the store where you purchase cleaners most often.
  2. Wait for a sale to stock up on your favorite cleaners.
  3. Stack a paper coupon on that sale if you can.
  4. Submit your receipt to as many couponing and cashback apps as possible.
  5. Make the cleaner go as far as possible.
  6. Make sure you do what you can to get out every last drop.

By combining these 6 savings secrets on top of one another you will cut your price of cleaners lower than you might have thought possible.

Do You Want to Keep Things Simple And Still Get a Good Deal?

9 ways to spend less money on cleaners!

Are you more interested in keeping things simple than you are in saving the most amount of money possible? Do you still want a good deal, but you don’t have time to chase after it?

If so, you need to try out Grove Collaborative where you will find effective green cleaners at affordable prices delivered right to your doorstep. Yes, it is a subscription based program, but you decide what you want to order and how often.

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  1. It blows my mind how much money some people spend on cleaning products. I hate buying cleaning supplies (or TP!) so I try to cut down the costs as much as possible.

    I usually make my own if I can’t find them free or cheap with coupons!

    Another tip I didn’t see mentioned is don’t buy different cleaners for different uses. You don’t really need a separate bathroom counter cleaner, tub cleaner, sink cleaner, ect. A good multi purpose cleaner will take care of most needs.

    Great list of ideas!

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