A Super Simple Yet Highly Effective Way To Eliminate Clutter


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If you have been trying for years to find a decluttering method, you can stick to this super simple yet highly effective decluttering method I am sharing with you today. It just might be the simple plan that will help you kick that clutter for good.

A super simple way to get rid of clutter for good! Decluttering made easy.

A Super Simple Yet Highly Effective Way To Eliminate Clutter

It is so simple the plan can be explained in a single sentence

Pick a number of items to toss each day and then stick to that number each and every day.

I did this for a month with Crystal of Money Saving Mom when she held a Clutter Busting Challenge one year. Essentially the challenge was to get rid of 7 items each and every day for an entire month. It made a huge difference in the clutter level in my home and was such a simple goal to stick to.

Currently there is a member of my Snail Pacing Clutter Removers Facebook group who is getting rid of 10 items a day. Her plan is to continue doing this until she can’t seem to find another item to toss. Then she plans to go back and organize what is left.

Why it works

For me I think picking a number of items worked so well because the number was small and therefore I could fit the task into even the busiest of days. Plus, if I did get a day behind I could easily do that math in my head and get back on track the next day. (7 +7=14)

If you really needed to you could hang a blank calendar on your fridge and put a big X on the days that you manage to toss your chosen number of items. Many people find this to be super effective for making a new goal a habit for life.

Remember: pick a number that works for you

You know just how bad your clutter problem is and therefore how easy it will be for you to toss a certain number of items each day. You also know your schedule and how much time you truly have each day to search for items to toss. Remember being clutter free is for you. This goal is for your benefit and no one else so make it all about you. Don’t fall into the comparison trap thinking, “Well, so-and-so is tossing 20 items so I’d better at least toss that much.”

No way! If your schedule is cram packed right now and just tossing one item a day seems right, then go for an item a day. That is 365 items a year gone from your home and that can make a big difference. That is the power of Snail Pacing.

When it gets hard to toss the number you set–reevaluate

Unless you did set your goal at one item a day, eventually using this plan you are going to have to begin to really dig for items and that could mean spending way more time looking for an item to toss than you did when you started.

When this starts to happen to you it is not time to stop, but time to reduce your daily items tossed goal.

Why not stop? In our modern world we are always bringing new items into our home. Attacking clutter must be a lifetime exercise if we want our homes to stay clutter free for good.

So what is your number? Share it with me in the comments below.

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