How To Get The Stink Out Of Workout Clothes


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I am going to start this post with a confession: I don’t glisten when I work out–I sweat buckets. After three miles of running my clothes are as wet as if they just came out of the washing machine.

Second confession: my sweat smells–and it isn’t a pretty smell. I read somewhere that this means my body is good at releasing toxins. However, those smelly toxins leave an odor on my workout clothes that regular detergents just don’t seem to get rid of.

How to get the stink out of your workout clothes. This is so simple!

Up until recently this meant I purchased workout clothing for as inexpensively as possible and then tossed them every four to six months.

Even though I rarely pay more than $5 a workout shirt and $10 for workout Capris, this tossing habit seemed less than thrifty and, well…I am a thrifty person.

Now, I had been told that vinegar in the rinse would do the trick. As an all-natural loving gal, I gave this super green and thrifty tip a try–it did nothing.

How To Get The Stink Out Of Workout Clothes

I tried a few more DIY ideas which all flopped and decided I would just have to live with frequently tossing my workout clothes-that is, until I stumbled upon this product. I honestly didn’t think it would get rid of the odor either since it had such mixed reviews in the review section, but it wasn’t that expensive and I knew if it worked it would certainly save me some money in the long run.

Because I was so apprehensive I will admit that I used double the recommended amount of product.

When the product arrived I gathered up all my workout gear–both dirty and clean–and did two loads worth with it.

How to get the stink out of workout clothes. This is so simple!

I hung all my workout gear to drive like I usually do–I read somewhere that this helps dri-wick materials stay more effective and hey, I sweat a lot so I need them to be as effective as possible.

Oh and it was storming the day I did this so I set up my drying rack (similar to this one) in the upstairs hallway.

I then did the smell test and all but three items from those two loads of laundry were free of the smell of my stinky sweat. And those three items were the oldest in the two loads.

So what is this product? Molly’s Suds Sport Wash. It is non-toxic, all ingredients are FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Probably not 100% green, but as green of a solution as I have currently found that works to get rid of sweat smell in workout clothing.

Now that I have figured out that it works, my plan is to do my workout clothes this way at least once a month. Next month I will try using just one cap full like the instructions state–if that doesn’t work as well I will go back to two caps full per load. Still, even if I have to use 2 caps full instead of one, Molly’s Suds Sport Wash will be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than what I have been doing and that makes this green and thrifty gal very happy.

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