10 Great Reasons To Toss Clutter


10 great reasons to toss clutter This post is a rebutttal of last weeks post 10 Reasons To Keep Clutter.  Those of you who followed my posts during the Clutter Busting Challenge, will recognize that it was shared originally in Day 18 of the challenge, but just like last weeks post I though it deserved a post all to itself.

10 Great Reasons To Toss Clutter

1. A clutter free home takes less time to clean: No piles to move out of your way before you can get to the dirt and dust.

2. Less clutter equals less stress: Some days just looking at my clutter I still have to deal with stresses me out.

3. A clutter free home is more welcoming: Nothing is more awkward and embarrassing than having to move three piles of clutter so you friends can sit in your living room when they pop in unannounced.

4. A clutter free home equals more time: When you have piles of clutter it takes longer to find what you need.

5. Nothing says I love you more than dealing with your stuff before you die: Yes this is a bit morbid, but take it from a person who knows, I love that my mother took the time to get her possessions down to a minimum before she passed away. It was one less thing to work on before I could get to fully grieving her. As a yard sale shopper I have seen way too many families drowning in their lost loved ones things, unable to get to grieving fully until the work is done.

6. A clutter free home is healthier: Dust builds up around and in clutter. Paper clutter attracts pests.

7.  A clutter free home is a home of a good steward: Hoarding an item until it no longer has value is not being a good steward; being a good steward is either giving the item away, or selling it  while it still has value to someone else.

8. A clutter free home is a safer home: Clutter piles can be tripping hazards, as well as falling hazards (as in the pile on the top shelf of the closet falls on the head of the one that opened the door).

9.  A clutter free home sells quicker: If you want to sell your home, you want it too look larger, and clutter shrinks the appearance of a room.

10. A clutter free home is more enjoyable: No panic if someone should drop by. No fear of falling clutter when you open the closet door. No dust to flare up your allergies. Key digging is a thing of the past. Cleaning is steps less.  Stress levels are dropped. All these things lead to a more enjoyable life.

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